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Why India Doesn’t Have Enough Competent Developers?

why india lack developers

Incompetencies of Indian developers as compared to their western counterparts have been a common debate topic. However, western technology space fears that Indians will take over their jobs due to cheap labor costs. It is true that outsourcing from India is relatively cheaper. But the lack of skills in a large number of Indian developers fails to reach industry standards. We know that a fair percentage of Indians are working in a good position at the corporate level in western companies. Even they are considered quality professionals there. That’s why it is often debatable if India has enough competent software developers or not.

Here are some reasons which answer why India does not have enough competent developers:


A very common reason for opting to work in the IT field is money. Most people in India do not choose to be a developer because of their passion. Rather, they become developers because it is a sure-shot way to get enough. This is because IT jobs in India are alluring white-collar jobs that pay well.

A good percentage of students land in engineering college not because they have a drive for it, but because of parental/peer pressure. Even the students from a non-IT background start working in the IT field just because it provides a cash-inflow. This results in poor competencies in programming and a reason for frustration while working. And that is how many young students add their names to the list of incompetent coders.

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To become a skillful developer, students need an efficient education system. A system that focuses on the latest teaching methodology and provides practical knowledge. However, the education system in India solely focuses on writing and memorizing. There is zero to little exposure to the latest technology trends or in-demand skills for an instance.

The inefficiency of the Indian education system accounts for a major reason why India doesn’t have enough competent developers. Instead of teaching them to practice their skills in the real world, the system loads them with tonnes of information and expects them to mug it up. Because of this, getting high grades becomes the only priority of students.

It is deduced statistically that the amount of technical data gets almost doubled every 2 years. Still, the colleges and institutions in India are teaching turbo C++, GW-Basic and standardized C language. This means that by the time a student graduates from college, half of what he has learned gets outdated.


There is a vast pool of Indian developers who are very ignorant of their growth and have decided to stay in their comfort zone. They are completely unaware of the technological advancements happening around the world. Most of them focus on what they already know and spend their whole life in that ‘bubble’. This steeply decreases the quality of skills that a professional should have. It also imparts a negative persona of Indian developers in the world.

However, there are a few dedicated coders who decides to pop that bubble to learn something new but fails miserably. The primary reason being the entry barrier they face in the technology space as it has become crowded. The solution to this problem is a supportive ecosystem that will enable developers to get updated about advancements.

A lack of this type of ecosystem will stunt the professional growth of a developer. And thus, making him passive to learn anything new.


The current trends of the hiring process show that companies don’t want people who can ‘actually code.’ Instead, they are looking for mass recruitment to get the tag of a giant company with a large workforce. All this looks promising on the outside but from the inside, the story is quite shocking. In most IT firms of India, the recruited students are assigned petty and menial tasks. Sometimes they are even transferred to the bench i.e. assign tasks only when there is a need.

Hiring firms are equally responsible for the reason why India doesn’t have enough competent developers. Average coding knowledge and a college degree seem to satisfy most of the technological firms.

For the most part of recruitment, the first step starts with shortlisting candidates on the basis of the academic score. Further, then an aptitude test and finally a pen and paper coding test. Companies need to restructure and modify their hiring process. Asking students ‘What was the age of X 4 years ago?’ have nothing to do with those real-world problems out there.

It is very simple and straight-forward: If you want to hire good developers, start evaluating their skills using the right metrics.

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Open source is a global platform of developers from different countries with the aim of creating technology for a better world. It also provides a great opportunity for developers to go that extra mile and challenge their coding skills. This results in an overall improvement in the skill-set they possess that can match industry standards.

But unfortunately, our developer community doesn’t show an inclination to contribute to the open-source platform. Thus, it becomes a potential reason why India doesn’t have enough competent developers. The primary reason for their lack of interest is the mindset that open-source is of some standard far beyond their reach.

Even when they use open-source libraries they ignore learning and understanding. And instead focuses on the ‘copy-paste method’.

The answer is clear, if we want a major breakthrough into the technological space we need a supportive community that focuses on open-source contribution.


Most IT firms in India are service-based which means they simply cater to the business needs of the product based companies. Their major task includes handling the secondary work of those companies. IT firms generally undertake projects from the product based companies regarding software testing, customer functions and handling the database. Thus, services like these have little or no scope of involving in R&D.

The work culture in IT firms revolves around deadlines given by clients. So, there is less flexibility and innovation in the company. On the contrary, product-based companies focus on letting the creativity flow out of their employees. They also encourage groundbreaking innovations.

IT companies in India should step forward to take initiatives to develop a culture where skillful coders can thrive. There is also a need for a supportive ecosystem that has proactive technology communities.


With respect to the above points, it may seem that all coders in India lack the right skill set. However, there is another perspective to it i.e India does have some awesome coders and western countries also have incompetent developers. But the number differs because of the under utilization of potential talent and intellect.

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This is the time we equip ourselves with the right mindset and train ourselves according to industry standards. We also need supportive communities and the right work culture so that no developer may ever get stuck due to the technology barrier. The aim is to build an ecosystem where learning and practical skills are of surmounting importance. Being the largest youth power in the world, India has the potential to rule the technological space. All that is needed is a never-ending desire to learn passionately.

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