Why Coding Should Become A Compulsory Education At Primary Level Rather Than A Hobby

For most parents introducing their children to coding was primarily driven by the interest of giving them a constructive and creative hobby. But we have come so far ahead in time and it is high time that we started rethinking about coding for being just a hobby. Researchers all around the globe have proven on different instances that coding has a lot of benefits to kids. The primary reason for this is that the creativity level of kids tends to be at a staggering 95 percent during the first five years of their growth.

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Beyond the age of five and up to the age of ten there is a sharp decline in this creativity level dropping the percentage to a very saddening 30 percent. What this indicates to us parents is that coding which is highly creative in nature is best made available to the kids during their creative period. Now, this doesn’t mean we should put a toddler in a cubicle. During their early stages of development, we should introduce subtle creative tasks and as they enter the primary level of education we have the open chance to introduce our kids to the fantastic world of coding.

Critics of this theory may ask “shouldn’t our kids be drawing butterflies and homes rather than developing multi-line codes?” At first, this question seems logical, but when we come to know that this question is raised out of a misconception about coding we will start thinking in the opposite direction.

To most of the population outside the coding community, it is a strenuous task that grown-ups do for revenue. But don’t our five-year-old kids use smartphones and tablets very precisely. To be more specific they spend a lot of time interacting with these electronic devices. Statistical analysis on the use of electronic devices like smartphones and tablets by kids have shown that a huge 90 percent are using the same for gaming. Now, this is what makes our argument strong and significant.

Gaming is a hobby by this age and most of our kids spent a considerable portion of their free time on such games. Games have an element of creativity induction but it is stagnant beyond a point. It is here that game development becomes more significant. And what better way to get our kids to code and letting them develop their own games. But this game development is unlike the “Hello World” programs out there which most parents introduce their kids to.

Game development courses are more interactive and fruitful to young coders. A visual UI which is more comprehensive than the command line interface proves to be a better learning experience. And WhiteHat Jr is the go-to place when it comes to choosing a game development course for your child. We offer an array of courses with tailor-made tiers which will suit your kid according to his/her talents.

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As long as the educational committees governing the framework of curricula in our country become open-minded to this idea, services offered by reputed companies like WhiteHat Jr are our best and only shot.

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