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Why Coding Makes Your Kid A Good Team Player

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It is widely believed that success is a direct result of hard work. While hard work plays a significant role in determining success, there are factors that contribute more prominently to success than just hard work. It is in this context that teamwork comes into perspective. It is a scientifically proven fact that endeavours achieve a hundred per cent success rate when taken up in teamwork. A great team requires coordinated and cooperative team members, so it is vital in shaping our young generation to be great team players.

To achieve this modern-day parenting offers several techniques, but one of the easiest and achievable training that you can give your kid in the interest of making him/her a team player is “coding”. You might find this somewhat confusing as most of us know of coding as a solitary effort. This misconception is largely due to the still prevalent notions about coding programs in a “cubicle” in software companies. Coding has got more positive effects than several other educational activities that kids of this age have access to. Apart from being great brainstormers coding triggers a lot of useful behavioural patterns in young programmers.

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Most of you might still be confused about how coding can enable your child to become a great team player. Well, the main reason why coding works in enabling youngsters to become team players is the way of its execution and solution. The best thing that can happen to a noobie in the programming arena is to come across “bugs” that he/she finds ultra-difficult to tackle. In an effort to solve this persisting issue a young coder takes him/her to forums and discussions. Here they meet experienced coders, and most importantly people of their own kind, newbies. Here they make up virtual teams, pooling up their knowledge as one big database.

As such a virtual team takes form, each member naturally assigns a role and responsibility, unlike a camp or a seminar here your kids voluntarily take up responsibilities because they are the needy. As they find solutions and move along they realize how valuable a team can be and how important it is to be part of one and that too a great one. As most of these coding communities are safe and respectful, your kids learn valuable lessons both technical and life-related from their quest for a solution. However, for such a spark to be ignited in your kid you need to prime them. It is not hard as a multitude of coding courses and coding classes are available that can serve as the start for a great new habit.

Once they get the taste of success by teamwork and effort, they will have built up enough momentum to fuel all their future efforts. So there is no doubt that coding can definitely fuel your kid’s growth as an awesome team player.

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