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Why coding is the best activity for kids

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It might be difficult to imagine a young mind learning something so complex as coding, however, learning coding is an achievable reality. Due to the rise of many summer camps, coding programs and online classes, coding has been made fun and digestible.

In simple terms, coding is how we communicate with computers and explains how websites, apps. Video games among others are built and how they run. Learning to code is simply learning how to speak, write and understand a computer’s language. It prepares kids for the future, which is slowly moving towards complete technology dependency. The digital world has taken over most things like for calculation; there is a calculator or the greatest example of the smartphone which people are dependent on for everything.

Here are six reasons why is it important to code for kids

1.     Problem-solving and thinking

Simply put, a coding language consists of a system of variables and rules that govern them just like any other language. By using words and grammar, thoughts can be converted into an output that others can understand. The ability to solve problems is an important trait that is necessary for daily life. Like computing thoughts into words that people understand, coding also should be broken down into fragments, understood and then worked on. Learning how to code gives children the chance to absorb this skill while they are young, which will help them throughout their lives. It helps them think in different ways and discover many solutions to one problem. It involves understand, plan, divide, practice. This tactic can be used both for coding and in real life.

Coding does not only involve learning how to type lines of code. It also requires teaching children how to think differently. An efficient coder needs to use logical thinking. They need to be able to break a large problem into smaller pieces and then tackle the individual pieces to solve it effectively. Learning to code will help your kid develop both technical knowledge and develop new approaches.

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2.    Competitive advantage

In today’s world, it is important that the child learns a unique course along with their school studies to survive in the competitive world. However, the course should not pressurize the kid, nor should it take importance over academics. Coding, at least the basics of it, is one such course that can be taught to school kids. It is fun, enhances the skills and helps in holistic development. The advantage that the child will have is immense. They will have many employment opportunities, no matter which industry they choose whether it is the technology sector, finance, health, education or others.

There is also a lack of this skill in the software industry. Coders will always be in demand with the rapid advancement of technology over time. There are different career opportunities that arise every day. People who can code are extremely sought after in all industries.

As there is a high demand for computer programmers, they will be very well paid. If children develop an interest to code at a young age, it will help them in their future.

3.    Fun and creative

Coding, while educational, is also a lot of fun. It requires the use of creativity. One of the reasons why teaching your child to code is the best activity is because it challenges them while having fun.

The kids will pick up various skills and will over time refine some essential skills that will help them through life while having fun at the same time. It also helps the child develop creative thinking. Along with the practical reasons for learning to code, it has been noticed that learning how to create a game or animation can be fun for kids.

Coding helps kids understand their favourite games and how they work. Thus, they will learn how to code with something that they enjoy and love. While coding is mostly logic-based, it also has a creative aspect. With the right training, your child will also find coding easy and fun.

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Coding gives kids the confidence to be creative. They will be able to design and create something that is entirely theirs. Children prosper from the response they get from doing something they love. They need the motivation to go ahead.  Along with seeing fruitful results, they also need that push from their parents.

As coding is relatively easy to learn, especially for kids, it gives them a sense of confidence easily. 

4.    Helps make sense of the world

Coding is a part of almost all aspects of our lives, from communication, education, social media to banking and shopping. The world has become so dependent on coding and software, so much so that code is known as the language of the world. Every letter in coding language has a special sequence of 0’s and 1’s. These sequences give direction to every digital thing around us.

Coding is so advanced that devices that control the lighting in our houses and control our cars can be integrated. Most people don’t know the first thing about how smartphones, laptops, social media networks among others run. Basic programming knowledge can help kids change the way they interact with daily use technology and can open avenues for infinite possibilities of coding. 

5.    Challenging

A positive lesson that kids learn through coding is how to face and react to failure. Coding is not something that can be achieved successfully in the first try. It requires a lot of effort and patience. It teaches kids that failure is inevitable, but that it is not all that bad. They could probably discover something new from what they might view as a failure and learn from it. One thing that kids will learn is that debugging makes the process a lot more fun. 

It gives them the courage and opportunity to learn from their mistakes. Coding helps children to learn that it is okay to make mistakes and pushes to keep trying until they succeed and produce the results that they want.

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6.    Have fun with academics

Coding is the language of maths. Learning to program also involves learning many other skills including how to organize and analyse data. Children can unconsciously improve their mathematical skills while coding. Using logic and calculation skills while creating something new makes maths more creative, engaging and fun. It also helps kids visualize abstract concepts, apply math to real situations. 

Learning code is learning a new language. It also helps enhance writing and communication skills. Kids who know how to code recognize the need for concision and planning, which results in better writing skills. Coding also refines logical communication skills, improving both verbal and written aspects. Most future coding projects will be elaborate and require collaboration. When the child learns to code, he or she interacts with the teacher or the chosen learning technique. So, it teaches the child interpersonal skills.

To learn how to code is a slow yet steady process. It is advised that kids learn to code at a young age, probably around age 5, because that is when their brains are developing, which is why it is easier for them to grasp new concepts sooner than adults. Learning how to code also gives a sense of empowerment to the child, helping them believe in themselves and their capabilities.

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