Top 10 IB and CBSE schools in India

Schooling is one of the foundation stages in education and is thus an extremely important aspect of a child’s life. So it is a matter of great importance that the right school is identified at the earliest so that the child can be provided with the best possible educational platforms. IB and CBSE schools are popular options and parents are nowadays inclined to send their kids to either of the two. The IB schools or the International Baccalaureate is the new form of education where the child is examined on the acquired knowledge instead of the conventional memory and learning abilities. The goal of these schools is to create a global citizen and in the era of globalization, it is an aspect that is very appealing indeed.

Here we have provided you with a list of some of the best IB and CBSE schools in India and all of these have a great record of providing quality education and alumni of successful students who have been quality products of the CBSE academic or the IB school.

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10 best CBSE schools and IB schools

  1. The Doon School in Dehra Dun: This is one of the best IB schools in the country and with a great heritage this school has been ranked as among the best residential schools by several credible sources. This is a boys school which offers the students to choose from IB or ISC for the final two years. From ex-Prime ministers like Rajiv Gandhi to authors like Amitav Ghosh are the alumni of the school are rich with great personalities and it can be a great place for a child to evolve into a knowledgeable individual.
  2. Woodstock School in Missouri: This is also regarded as one of the best international schools in India for its unique idea of coming together of students from all over the world. This is a co-educational school unlike the Doon School and one gets a degree equivalent to a high school diploma degree in the United States.
  3. Singapore International School in Mumbai: It offers both IGCSE and IB programs for the students and is also a co-educational school providing quality education. One can choose from their day boarding or their weekly boarding facilities.
  4. Kodaikanal International School in Tamil Nadu:  If you are looking to deviate from the CBSE academic then this can be a great option for you. The alumni are spread all over the world and are engaged in the best of professions.
  5. GD Goenka School in Gurgaon: This school is affiliated to the CBSE academic and is regarded as one of the most expensive schools in India. The student has the choice of selecting from the IGCSE or the IB.
  6. DAV Boys Senior Secondary School in Chennai: This is a reputed CBSE school and has a co-educational setup. The student-teacher ratio at 26:1 is impressive and the school boasts of quality extra-curricular activities apart from the sound education system.
  7. National Public School in Bangalore: This is a great school among the ones which follow the CBSE academic and has a great record in terms of results. It is a day school and has the reputation of producing IITians in great numbers.
  8. The Heritage School in Gurgaon: This is considered to be majorly a school of CBSE academic although students can also opt for ICSE. The classrooms are interactive and the school is serious about providing quality education to its students.
  9. Hindu Senior Secondary School in Chennai: This CBSE school encourages the young minds to make the best use of their potential and knowledge and use it for the betterment of society. What could be a better form of education!
  10. HAL PUBLIC school in Bangalore: The school has evolved according to the changing educational system which is perhaps the biggest credit of this school. It provides with quality education and ensures an all-round knowledge through quality teachers and teaching methods.
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