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What is the right age to start teaching your kids coding?

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Do you want to give your kid something which excites them more other than education? As parents, you might be confused on how to make your kid involved with something more interesting and fun for them to learn. The best solution which involves kids are toys, games, and other gifts that help kids learn to code.

Coding is a logic-based activity. Similarly, it is also a creative channel. Mastering the programming skill is a most appreciated one as it could mean a lot when they enter into their college. It can make them the most desirable person for universities, colleges, and jobs. Most people are not aware of the significance of coding at an early age and not aware of the role of electronic gadgets like tablets, smart phones, or computers. Without proper insight into these, we take these things for granted daily.

Having minimal knowledge about programming can transform the way children look at these gadgets. It can also open their vision to numerous possibilities that coding has to offer. In the recent era, computer programming has become a highly required skill. A recent statistics states that over 65% of the jobs in the future would require strong programming skills. It also states computer science students have the potential to make up to 40 percent more than average pay.

If you want to know more about the list of coding games and if you’re up for on why you can feel good about them, then our content below will get through with all your questions.

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What does “coding for kids” mean?

Coding refers to a skill set available for your kids to get themselves involved in creativity. You can even imagine sometimes, how difficult it’s for such young kids to learn something complex for their age, but it’s not an attainable reality. We appreciate the proliferation of many coding summer camps, websites, toys, and programs who are managing to make coding more fun and interesting.

Coding – in simple terms is referred to as a communication language between you and your computer, you instruct your computer to do some tasks like build and run websites, apps, video games, and even more. Getting to know coding is similar to learning how to speak and write in a particular language which is nothing but a computer’s language.

How Coding toys and games equip kids with 21st-century skills? 

Nowadays, everything is computerized, which has changed our world forever. But the inflow or supply of new skilled coding experts is lacking behind with the pace of the demand.

Today, tech jobs involved with coding are in great demand, with companies offering the best packages to secure the best talent and these types of opportunities keep on growing. Many parents want their kids to learn computer science at their school level.

Coding is nothing but computer programming, which is a set of process instructed by the programmer which tells a computer to perform a particular task. Teaching kids with coding should never make them bored, it should be taught in such a way they get involved with high-interest in creating projects that involve creative input.

In many simple ways, it is said that coding for children should be gamified making it more fun and exciting to learn! Since coding is gamified, kids at an early age of 5 years can start learning to code using visual block interfaces or even they can use many age-appropriate text-based coding classes.

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What are the games and apps that make coding fun?

Coding games

There are several online tools for starting kids at an early age.

  • is popular for their hour of code. It best suits for ages: 4+.
  • Scratch Jr is an iPad game for kids that do not require reading. This game is best suitable for children of ages 5-7 years.
  • Foos is an app that allows kids to communicate with fun characters called “Foos”. Children between the ages of 5 to 10 years can learn this game
  • Robot Turtles is a board game that helps you to learn the fundamentals of programming. Best suitable for children of ages: 3-8.
  • Inform 7 uses natural language to create interactive fiction – one of the first modern video game. Best suitable for ages: 9+.
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Coding toys

  • Goldieblox has completely changed over the world of girls’ toys which was earlier dominated by dolls that don’t even have posable arms. Best suitable for girls ages: 4+
  • Dash and Dot are little blue robots that help kids to learn the basics of Robotics. Best suitable for ages: 8+
  • Lego Mindstorms helps you to know how far these classic blocks have come. Best suitable for ages: 10+

Coding is fun and satisfying

Do you think coding is something boring and difficult to learn? No! Programming is generally logic-based, which is an extremely creative activity and it’s completely fun to learn if you are interested. Once you learn to code, you can create your know apps, websites, video games and more.

Children view the coding skill as a great challenge and enjoy seeing their reward when their code comes to life after a good debugging session. However, getting started with programming will be easy and fun, only with the proper and correct instruction.

In the process of getting trained in a new language, you will try to express it. The same way, in Coding also kids are encouraged and trained to create the new creative thing apart from just consuming digital media and technology. In addition to playing a video game or playing in an app, the kids involve themselves and create their website or app.

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What are the advantages involved when your kid starts to learn to code? 

Teaches determination

Learning to code is very similar to Learning and getting trained to a new discipline. Of course you might face many challenges, tackling complex problems, making mistakes and finally, you have to solve the problem. One of the best parts of coding is it teaches a valuable skill of persistence in facing such challenges.

Learn communication skills

Another most essential skill that helps you grow in your life is the Communication skill. Once your kid can communicate in a better way that is when they can communicate complex ideas in simple terms, so they shine in different industries. There are several games, like Minecraft and many more, which offers a bevy of educational benefits by involving coding, collaboration, and participation with friends all over the world.

Learn to make the task simpler

When your child starts to learn to code, they also learn to communicate in a simple way with computers. As mentioned earlier, coding helps kids how to break down complex problems into smaller parts and then solve them in a way that computers understand.

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Coding is all about learning by practicing. The current digital era has so much to offer, with a more fun and engaging way of learning even children from 5 years can be involved in coding. Many kids think like if they can code, the more likely they are to pursue technical careers. In addition to coding games, toys, books, and online tutorials, there is a wide range of ways to help special kids to start their life by doing and learning. The world today is much challenging and competitive, as a parent it’s our responsibility to provide them education in a more exciting way.

WhiteHat Jr, helps the parents give their kids the best exposure to coding, our teachers are among the top 99.9th percentile. Book a free trial online coding class now and see for yourself how your kids are enjoying learning this new language with ease.

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