Coding Courses for Kids enables them to be creators

Coding courses for kids enable them to be risk-takers from the beginning. They are motivated towards creating things versus consuming, thereby nurturing their entrepreneurship instinct. The future of a kid is shaped by the kind of knowledge that he or she is exposed to. Since much of the character development and skills are easily acquired as a child it is important to pick the very best for them when they are somewhere around 6 years old. This is that time of their lives when the learning abilities are at its peak and the creativity is at its best. WhiteHat Jr does just that by fuelling the abilities of your child when they are young and introducing the skills like automation and artificial intelligence. The artificial intelligence course which they offer is easy for kids to comprehend and it prepares them for further challenges ahead in life.

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Importance of AI and Coding Courses for Kids

From 2020 the requirement for those with programming and coding skills are set to increase further. As a result Job opportunities for those with sound knowledge in automation will be plenty. Keeping that in mind WhiteHat Jr has devised its curriculum which is all about making kids fall in love with the artificial intelligence course and be a pro in coding. 

They have programs for all age groups among children and their online classes are offered by some of the best in business who are a part of their faculty. Your kid thus receives lessons on automation and coding from the very best and naturally it helps them develop their skills to the best of their abilities.

The change in the educational the ecosystem

With the recognition of the importance of coding and artificial intelligence, the educational environment has somewhat changed. Now kids can learn to programme even before they learn how to speak properly. The artificial intelligence course is devised in such a way that through simple fun steps and games the kids are introduced to the complex world of coding. Later on in their lives when these skills are sought after, the kids can make the best use of their understanding and land the best of jobs in the market.

How WhiteHat Jr. changes the ecosystem

Although coding is such an essential lesson that should be imparted to children, many schools and institutions ignore its importance and have no artificial intelligence course. WhiteHat Jr has been the game-changer for this environment and has been the pioneer in leading kids to a life of coding and programming. From being merely the consumer of products and lessons, WhiteHat Jr has empowered the kids to be developers themselves. There are plenty of kids who after having received coding lessons from WhiteHat have excelled in automation, coding and artificial intelligence and have developed their apps and games. Instead of a provider, WhiteHat Jr is thus more of an enabler and that has helped several kids to find their calling. 

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The curious case of Shaurya Sharma

The propaganda in favour of artificial intelligence and coding might seem too good to be true for some. So we present to you the instance of a bright kid Shaurya Sharma. He was just like another 13 years old with a great love for video games. He had been hesitant in his initial days at the artificial intelligence course with WhiteHat. However, with time he started loving his lessons and in no time he developed his app which is also available on the Playstore. His app is a Fortnite win rate calculator app based on the game Fortnight and now many people use it. 

The entire idea of an artificial intelligence course is about empowering your kid. So do not miss out on providing him or her with the opportunity and you would be amazed at the results.

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