Improving mathematics scores and coding proficiency in kids are interrelated.

Want your kids to improve mathematics scores Don’t encourage your kids to mug up maths formulas. Teach your kids to code to improve their mathematics scores. It is always helpful to stay up to date with the requirements of the modern world. But in terms of education, the reality is often not a reflection of this idea.

For instance, during the times of the industrial revolution, the need of the hour was the education in Mathematics and very few schools provided with that opportunity. Now even after all these years, the situation remains the same, and although coding or computing skills are a bare essential only about 1% of schools provide the chance.

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How the early start helps to improve mathematics score

It is a proven fact that those who are trained from a very early age with programming and coding skills are much more effective in the future. Creativity levels of a child drop steadily from the age of 5 to 35. Thus it is crucial to make use of the skills when they are available.  One of the best things about this early introduction to coding is that it strengthens the Mathematics skills of a student in leaps and bounds. Also, it provides with great success in the Math Olympiad and the Computing Olympiad. 

WhiteHat: the ideal choice to learn coding

As we have discussed the skills in Mathematics and computing are necessary skills and a student has to start early to reap maximum benefits. WhiteHat is one organization on which you can depend upon in this regard. Top 99.9 percentile faculty of WhiteHat Jr leave no stone unturned to introduce computing to the kids in the most exciting fashion. Kids from the age of 6 to 14, can benefit from our online classes, which are offered by the best in business for the most nominal and reasonable fees. With coding kids have increased reasoning and logical skills, their Mathematics skills and interest for STEM subjects increases. 

Options for those who missed out, but want to improve mathematics score and logical thinking

Some did not have the opportunity to get introduced to coding very early in their life, but even for them, the doors of WhiteHat are open. They are eligible for the Professional Curriculum (Grades 7-9). They, too, will be confident about their computing and Mathematics skills.

The Indian Computing Olympiad

For those who excel in math or have the knack for computing skills, the Computing Olympiad which takes place annually can be of great help. There are several advantages which can be obtained from an excellent performance in this Olympiad. For this, the first stage comprises of the Zonal Informatics Olympiad. It is a written paper, and once the student qualifies, they go to the next round, which is the Indian National Informatics Olympiad. Here the programming skills are tested, and from here around 30 are selected to represent India at the International Olympiad in Informatics.

The advantages of doing well in the Olympiad

While the student would be honing his Math and computing skills, he would also have some other advantages for being among the selected few to excel in the Olympiads. They are given preference in higher education by esteemed institutes. IIT Delhi provides with ten bonus points for students who have been selected by the IOITC, and the Chennai Mathematical Institute provides them with a chance of direct admission. Lastly, even the IIT in Hyderabad offers entry through the Olympiad performances. 

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Coding can transform the lives of young children and in order to give them the best opportunities, it is wise to introduce them to computing and coding from an early age. The benefits will be there for all to see in terms of increased concentration, creativity and logical aptitude. 

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