Learning to code and participating in robotics contest. Things that make your kids future-ready

Coding is essential for the world of technological advancements. Only when the skills to assemble the hardware and program a robot are fully attained can an individual excel in robotics. Robotics is yet another massive scope for the future. With the changing world, soon many of the tasks would be assigned to robots. Thus it is important to have some sound knowledge on how to make a robot to be sought after in the future job markets. 

Several robotics contests take place all over the world. Some, like the one organized by MIT in the USA, are extremely famous and the winners get recognition alongside sumptuous prize money. So lessons in coding can help in such contests.

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Some of the major things that robotics can help in

Robotics is a field where there is a lot of room for further development. This can happen through a new advancement in hardware and programming items introduced in the robots. Depending on the type of robot they can be used for various purposes and can prove to be very useful. Mechanical engineering to visual designs to algebra, it can all be taught with the help of robotics and a robot is not just for entertainment purposes like robot fight. 

Robots are capable of imparting learning skills as well. For instance, the skill sets like working together and solving problems which are developed while coding empowers an individual to be more efficient. So someone who can excel in robotics can also be a great learner and help others learn in the process.

It can be a big help for academic skills as well. When we speak of kids being ready for the future, what more would you want! Not only will they learn how to make a robot with coding and programming but they will over time also excel in academics like in Mathematics and languages. Their logical thinking will be boosted, which is one of the major reasons for brain development. 

It can also be a great boon for special education. Some children learn differently and have special needs. Since coding can be made personalized they can have a life of learning courtesy of robotics and thus have a safe and sound future in store for them as well.

Major robotics competitions around the world

Battle code

The very thought of a robot fight is extremely entertaining. That is precisely what the competition of Battlecode is all about. It is one of the most prestigious robotics competitions around the world and involves coding and programming by several teams to participate in a robot fight. 

Those who are knowledgeable enough on how to make a robot can participate irrespective of whether or not they are a part of MIT institution. The prize money on offer is also a whopping $50000 and this comes with a lot of fame and recognition for winning the robot fight and being a robot expert.


These are some other contests where kids can take part and show off their skills on how to make a robot. While Battlecode is more entertaining and deals with robot fight these are more serious and the participation in such events can be extremely enriching.

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Keeping in mind the future importance of robotics in our lives it would not be wise to close the doors to the world of coding and programming. The participation in the contests mentioned above can be life-changing events and thus robotics can be a great career opportunity for the future.

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