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Teaching Coding to Kids is the best way to explain Algorithms

Teaching Coding to Kids is the best way to explain Algorithms

A lot of parents are concerned about how to introduce their kids to programming. Some use techniques like introducing them to brain gyms while others take them to chess classes. However, teaching coding to kids is the best way to explain algorithms. When it comes to kids and coding, they might not be as receptive as we thought they would be. This situation is quite natural because kids find it difficult to break down the entire coding process into logical and applicable steps. The best possible way to counter this issue is by introducing algorithmic techniques to our kids. However, teaching them the concepts of the algorithm itself can be a daunting task.

This happens when you as a parent try to educate your child the formal algorithmic concepts. When you introduce an algorithm to kids using blocks and arrows it is natural that kids lose interest. However, there are other clever techniques that a parent like you can adopt to impart the knowledge of the algorithm to your child without him/her knowing. The best possible way of doing this is by encouraging your child to explain their daily activities step by step. For instance, ask your child while having your evening snack with them about how they went to school that day. As the kids explain everything in a single breath, gently guide them to organise the entire incident.

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With this, your child will learn the benefits of having an organised behaviour. Once you see visible changes in your child’s actions leaning to an organised manner, you can start teaching them the basics of the algorithm. To do this start by involving in their school-related activities. For example, math problems will serve as a great opportunity for you to guide them. For every normal problem that they have to solve, show them how solving them gets easy when things are broken down into logical steps.

Within no time your child will start applying this technique to every possible hurdle he/she comes across. Every such occurrence will deepen the roots of algorithmic skills in them. As your child builds a strong base of algorithmic concepts, it is the time that they actually put their algorithmic knowledge to coding practices.

Choosing a suitable platform which can reinforce your child’s algorithmic thinking with every line of coding is vital here. To do so the best option you have is by introducing interactive coding methods like game development. How will game development help in this matter? Well for the first justification game development has high visualisation. This means every step of the development will have a visual attribute that a young brain can comprehend easily.

As problems become clear and concise the children can apply the algorithmic skills effectively. Here they will find the application of the blocks and arrows of an algorithm. With their algorithm laid out perfectly on a visual scale, their coding process becomes more transparent. This enables them to make progress at a stellar rate.

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The added advantage to this method is that once they come across an error, they will instantly compare it with their algorithm. This will, in turn, help them understand the mistake they have made while designing the algorithm. Thus game development will serve to enhance both coding and algorithmic skill development. This works in a cycle and with every cleared mistake your child will spin to the next orbit of this cyclic process of progress.

The question that remains now is “doesn’t game development require extensive coding knowledge and experience?” This is a very logical concern. But the difficulty in coding cannot be attributed to the complexity of the output. When we speak of game development, do not think that your children have to build the next version of a fortnight or GTA 5.

At WhiteHat Jr game development courses are prepared by experts who have considered the age group of the students. By evaluating the child’s ability to code and develop a game he/she will be guided to choose from the different courses available.

Each level, of course, is tailor-made according to the student’s ability to comprehend the ideas involved. Each level is split into three different tiers of different prices. This will enable you to choose a custom package which the parents can choose for their children.

The courses at WhiteHat Jr come standard with personal attention to students and their queries. Mentorship is also provided for students to ensure their excellence. This could be the best possible gift you can give your chid on his/her upcoming birthday or as a gift for their achievements.

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