Drones, Coding and Education. How are all three interrelated?

When we hear of the term “drones”, what is the first image that pops into our minds? Well for some of us it is the mighty fighter drones in the air force arsenal and for some others, it could be the drones that we see in movies the one with four arms and helicopter-like rotors.

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Whatever be the concept we have regarding a drone, the actual term represent antes a whole category of semi-automatic robotic machinery with mobile abilities. But drones available in the market are mostly remote operated and has a very small flight range distance from its pilot. So how do coding and education come into perspective in terms of a drone?

Heavy coding comes into play while manufacturing drones which have much larger capacity requirements. For instance, a drone which we intend to fly for long distances might need automated functions. Such automation is made possible by coding. This is a wonderful opportunity for our young generation to tap into the huge benefits of coding and its effectiveness in their education.

The base category which might interest our kids is “robotics”. That said for beginners out there we can offer very basic lessons in robotics such as line followers and IR sensors. However, learning robotic coding comes with the requirement of small hardware. Conventional microprocessors are not used for such devices and as such special hardware kits are needed. But this is of no worry as several companies offer you an array of hardware and manuals for working on them.

However, the coding part requires a conventional computer and coding knowledge. The best way to kick start your kid’s coding abilities is not by putting them in front of robotics hardware. Well, then how and where should we begin? As a first step, familiarize your child with the basics of coding and strengthen his/her ability to comprehend the relationship between coding and its end results. The best way to possibly achieve this is by introducing them to game development.

Game development has a UI based output; hence on every level of development, your kids realize his/her mistakes and tend to correct them accordingly. This is a vital step in learning to code. Also, proper visuals of their coded output not only widen their interest but also help make their understanding much more clear and concise.

For the best and most suitable instructors and the appropriate curriculum designed with a newbie in mind, you need not look further from WhiteHat Jr. The curriculum is set into levels with the base level intended for beginners. From there step by step development is ensured from courses offered by WhiteHat Jr. Each course level comprises of tasks with increasing difficulty and interest. Each level has three different tiers you can choose from. They are named Basic, Standard and Premium and the different tiers offer different outputs. Based on your comprehension about your child, you can choose which tier suits them best.

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Needless to say, you have come to the right place to lay the foundation for your child’s coding skill development. So let’s give them the best gift of their lifetime and watch them enriching their skills and shape their future to be a creative and innovative one.

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