“Computers” The Ultimate Game Changer Of The 21st Century.

Written by Divya Shah, A Whitehat Jr Educator

November 15, 1971— The day Intel came out with 4004 chip. The 4004 CPU held 2300 transistors. Its microprocessor was the size of a little fingernail, and it delivered the same computing power as the first electronic computer made in 1946. And then, boom, the mass usage of computers began. 

Currently, we are in the 4th generation of the computer. From being a family machine, computer usage has evolved to be a personal computer. From kids to adults, everyone has a personal computer which is essential for daily work. Since the invention of the computer, it has gone through radical changes in how we have been using it with the most advanced technology with the introduction of unimaginable concepts like AI, big data analytics, robotics and machine learning. Furthermore, with the invention of the internet, the development and uses of the computer increased.

In 2018, 48.3% of private households globally were estimated to have a computer at home.

It has been three decades of revolution, a change in how we do things– from dating to matrimonial sites, education, health care, finance, telecom sector, textile, manufacturing and railways. 

Electronic transfer of shares had replaced traditional way; banking has changed it is pace–  Our lives are more comfortable, more convenient, digitalized. They are making work simple, secure, tedious, systematic and time-saving. The phrase “the world is a small place” holds true, now more than ever before.  The computer has changed the pattern with which we work; we have started doing things more innovatively. We have also gotten more opportunities to explore online learning and conducting business. It is the most popular source of entertainment with social networking sites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and Youtube. 

Now, smartphones act as our pocket-friendly mini-computers performing most of the tasks of a computer with 4G and 5G internet speeds. 

Over 4.33 billion people were active internet users by July 2019 (56% of the global population).

The computer has had an immense impact on the human race. From bots to transport ops, one can reach out to people conveniently, sitting in a chair, with just one click. Computers are used to perform many tasks in our day to day life in making calculations, storing a massive amount of data, giving presentations, management information system (MIS) and the list goes on. Hence, to understand the immense power of the computer in human life, we have to give a glance at developments in different sectors like agriculture, healthcare where robots are performing surgery by assisting doctors and finance. It is a problem solver for human beings. The computer has digitalized the world where digital marketing is at the peak with the help of which the large companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon and many more are making a considerable amount of money and change the lives of people by providing many a facility. It has now become easy to start a business, survive competition, to search for a job and to have easy access to much information with a single click. 

E-learning is the latest in a trend where the world is learning at a fast pace making one smarter and sharper to keep oneself updated. Well, the computer has made a massive change in the field of education. Now we can carry a laptop to different places and operate. Today we have access to a lot of information, events and news taking place in the world. 

Today’s youth spends an average of 6 hours a day on the computer. 

The computer has now become more affordable too. Now webinars have replaced seminars; video conferencing has made it more convenient to execute making quick business decisions vis-a-vis physical meeting, which could take hours to convene people to a single location.

Work and businesses are moving ahead rapidly, without any delay and saving time. Work is productive; businesses are booming. Economies of countries have developed due to the application of information and communication technologies towards social, economic and political development. Circulation of money in countries have become faster; trade has increased hence leading to globalization.

And last but not least, our lives have immensely been changed beyond imagination, and we should be grateful for the never-ending benefits of the computer, making the best use of it. It continues to play a profound role in human life and behaviour. Hence, it has facilitated us with many several advanced features and benefits for our life. Hence, the computer truly is a boon to humankind.

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