Study suggests, coding boosts logical thinking 75% more than chess

If you have to choose between coding and chess as a hobby for your kid, what would you choose? Kids who learn to code, boost their logical thinking 75% more than those who take chess classes. While chess is a great way to improve cognitive abilities, coding teaches them to create new things. Enrol your kid’s to World’s 1st AI and ML course and see for yourself.

For ages, the chess game has been known to be beneficial for kids. It has improved their memory and their ability to concentrate and has also helped the kids develop their logical reasoning and thinking abilities. However, there are other options apart from chess which is as effective if not more. Coding, for instance, can help the kids to be at least 75% more logical than the chess game.

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Some general advantages of the chess game:

  • In the chess game, the kids have to remember their previous few moves and plan ahead in the game. This boosts their memory and helps their creativity as well, as they device new moves.
  • By solving complex problems in the course of playing chess kids usually become better at subjects like Mathematics.

How coding has replaced chess successfully?

In the era of imparting an overall knowledge, subjects like coding have become important. Coding has gained in popularity, and kids are nowadays introduced to coding from an early age. There are fun-filled coding summer camps where the kids get to explore this in a creative and simple form.

Among the several benefits of coding are some of the following:

  • Introduction to a new language: Coding is, after all, a new language form, and it is much easier for young minds to comprehend a new language. So, when the kids start early with basic and fun coding, it helps them to have a firm grip over the subject even when they are older. When a child is accustomed to coding, he or she basically has a chance of interacting with technology. This makes him or her more aware as a child which contributes to his/her better logical senses than an average chess player. 
  • It encourages creativity: A child always learns from his or her mistakes, and coding is the perfect opportunity for a young mind. Making mistakes while learning anything is common. In coding also, when a child recreates a program after finding the error in the previous method, it allows him or her to think differently and in more than one described manner. This makes the child more creative as he or she learns how to work his or her way around new things.
  • Helps in their organizational abilities: As small this may sound, a child can develop his/her organizational abilities when he/she learns to program. While the chess game too, is beneficial in this regard, the advantages of coding are even far stretched, and with time the organizational skills incurred from coding, translate into good writing skills and the ability to write explanatory answers.
  • Improvement in problem-solving abilities: When a child plays chess, he or she learns the art of problem-solving. So, does the kid involved in coding lessons. Programming opens up the mind and makes the child’s command over Mathematics even better. In general, learning to code from a young age has far-reaching effects when it comes to problem-solving abilities, and it is a blessing in disguise for a child.
  • The enormous scope: With programmers in demand, the skill of coding will be very helpful later on. It is needless to say that the individual who has a command over programming from a young age can nourish his skills better than others in the future.

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All of this basically translates into a better logical mind when we compare it to the one achieved through the chess game. While the chess game is no doubt very useful in shaping a child’s mind, the subject of coding, if introduced early, can work wonders on the logical reasoning abilities of a child. This ability is also the one that will help him or her in the future to a great extent. Thus, it can be a great idea to let them get used to coding from a tender age.

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