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10 Benefits Of Coding For Kids & Students

benefits of kids coding

When one hears the word “coding”, difficult symbols and various texts come to mind. The world is progressing at a fast pace. Nowadays, kids are exposed to the world of adults very quickly. They appreciate the world they live in because at a very young age they are exposed to that world. This article is mainly about why kids should be exposed to coding. Being tech-savvy is no more just an adult thing. These young learners are the future of our generation. They need to be as equipped as they can.

Coding for kids is important as it is the core of their everyday life. Their access to mobile phones, computers, tablets or any program is coding related. While coding for kids may sound like a very scary concept, it is not an unachievable reality. Coding is the way we communicate with our computers. There are various steps in a coding class. Kids get to be a part of the most basic level, according to their age.

Usually, parents worry about how they could make their kids learn to code. It is quite simple. It does not necessarily have to be in a classroom. Various applications are suitable for kids and their understanding. It is said that one can start learning to code with a simple deck of cards. There is no need to jump into the coding activity right away.

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With every new level, kids can attain more confidence. It improves knowledge, critical thinking abilities and gives the child an edge over others. This could be helpful to provide the child with the right future as well.  Besides the obvious reasons, there are other reasons as to why a kid should learn how to code.

Some of the Benefits of Coding for Kids

1. Logical Thinking

Coding for kids is not just a mechanical application of mind. Of course, it has formulas and steps but there is logical thinking as well. There is some level of analytical thinking that must be done at each step. Procedures need to be developed. All of this needs a very logical mind. Logical statements and expressions are a part of coding. Kids get to use their mind and achieve the results.

2. Success And Failure

Kids should be able to have the courage to ask a question. They can make mistakes and learn from their mistakes. Experiments will help them to ask just the right questions. Sometimes, their experiments may be a success, sometimes it might not be so successful. They will be able to learn with their failures and become better at it.

3. Problem Solving

One must be well prepared to solve every problem. Children should be problem solvers from an early age.  Learning how to code gives them a chance to learn how to solve the problem themselves without any external help.  Coding for kids is not the simplest concept there is. Multiple problems keep arising. To deal with this problem, one needs to stay calm and collected.

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4. Creativity

Coding helps kids come up with various new ideas that are unique and creative. Creativity is the key to coding. Various programs and formulas require creativity. Kids learn to come up with different ways for a problem. They put their creative mind into action at a very early age.

5. Computational Thinking

When children learn how to code, they get familiarized with the idea of communicating with a computer with the help of texts, symbols, and signs. They develop a methodical way of handling a computer. They recognize various patterns and abstracts and learn how to break every problem into smaller parts. When kids learn how to code, they get used to the idea that a computer has a language too. They start seeing the computer as a different system. This kind of interaction is pivotal for the growth of a child. The more the children understand these concepts, the better it is for them.

6. Algorithm

What we learn in school is a basic algorithm, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. We use it all the time. But once children start learning to code, they view algorithms in a different light. They learn how to sequence and condition well. It is no more just basic math for them. They think on a different level, a more progressed level. This kind of thinking gives them an edge over others. It helps them find a step by step method for everything. An algorithm is a mixture of both math and science. The minute science that is applicable in a coding process triggers the brain of a child.

7. Trial Method

Creating code is not easy. It takes time and effort to create a code and to see it through. It may work sometimes, other times it may fail. Creating a code takes a lot of perseverance and patience. To try and understand why a code has gone wrong, what changes must be made. What another method should be applied. These are various things that a child will be compelled to look into if the coding is not working.

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8. Confidence

Imagine a six-year kid learning how to code while all other kids are just going along with the traditional methods of coding. This will boost the morale of the child. A child who can learn how to do various things at such a young age will have immense confidence. Confidence is a great asset to an individual. A confident child will always be willing to go and explore more. A child with confidence will never shy away from doing and experiencing other things. The more they learn, the better it is. A hobby like coding helps the child to enjoy himself/herself. It provides an enriching experience for the child.

9. Future                           

The demand for programmers has always been high. As technology progresses, so does the demand for programmers. There has been an advancement of the same. People who can code are looked up to in any industry. It is difficult to find people who can code well. This is the reason why children must learn how to code at a young age. When they learn to code at a young age, they get enough time to learn and develop their skills. Coding for kids is essential for their future.

The more they practice, the better it is for them. When they start at an early age, they are likely to develop an interest in that field. They can learn and develop their skills. This helps them prepare for a very bright future. Parents must consider this for the simple reason that their child’s future may be secure.

10. New Concept

In this day and age where most kids are busy wasting their time on Netflix, YouTube and on various cartoon channels, coding is a different concept. It is unique and educational. Instead of wasting time on the television and playing with digital toys, one can spend time acquiring a skill that will most definitely be helpful for the future. Students must understand current technology and how we are being controlled by it. It is essential to know about technology in whichever way possible.

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Coding for kids as a concept must be introduced as early as possible. It teaches the kids everything that they need to know and prepares them for the upcoming future. It strengthens their skills in math, grammar and science. They have a fair amount of knowledge that helps them prepare for the future. Their skills get developed in geometry, critical and logical things, physics and so many other things. The need to have them gain an appreciation for this modern world we live in is extremely critical. The need for them to learn more about this is extremely essential. Understanding what happens under the ambit of the word technology is something they need to see for themselves.

Coding for kids helps children to deal with structural thinking. Taking small parts and adding them to a bigger picture is exactly what coding is about.  This is an extremely important life skill too. Understanding and building the small parts and then putting it into the larger picture. Kids must be compelled to analyze and think about what they are doing. Formulating various steps and using them to learn something new is what is essential. Since this is a relatively new concept, parents can be skeptical about the same. However, it must be encouraged and embraced. It is an edge for the parents as well as for the children. The child has an edge over other kids his age who are not doing something so useful. The parent has an edge over other parents. At this age, only a parent can push a child towards something as productive as this. Since kids do not understand these little things, it is the job of the parent to help the kids out with the learning and enrolling process. Kids are the future of this world and they must be pushed in the right direction as quickly as possible.

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