WhiteHat Jr’s coding courses for Kids enables them to be creators and fosters entrepreneurship

Read about how coding courses for Kids enables them to be creators and fosters entrepreneurship.

Do you know why a kid as young as 5 year has more potential? Read about how coding courses for Kids enables them to be creators and fosters entrepreneurship. There is a lot of potential in a kid which is often left untapped. Subjects like coding, for instance, are often introduced way too late in their lives when it is more difficult for them to understand. The creativity peaks at the age of 6 as per studies which is why WhiteHat Jr brings the opportunity for children to learn programming and coding at a very early stage.

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The skillset WhiteHat Jr gifts a child through coding lessons:

Given the current job market, coding courses for kids is as important as learning ABC. The potential future job market it is a given that jobs will be created based on such skills. It will even provide an opportunity to be an entrepreneur. At WhiteHat Jr the focus remains on improving the ability of the kids in logical reasoning and thinking. Their technical skills with the added quality of sound logic make their academic performances better as well.

Coding courses for kids at WhiteHat Jr are provided in such a manner that it is appealing and engaging. They can break the monotony of the studies for a brief while and make the best use of their leisure time by availing their online courses which can create a future entrepreneur in them. Coding improves their abilities to focus on abstract thinking as well. This is not only helpful in mathematical and academic skills but is also extremely handy when it comes to entrepreneurship. Their imaginative skills also receive a major boost as does their problem-solving abilities and with such qualities, they do become a natural choice in the job markets and also as a potential entrepreneur in their future.

Some exciting talents emerging from WhiteHat Jr

In case you were wondering that the ideas of your kid being an entrepreneur are a bit too far stretched, here is something for you. Some individuals who have received training from WhiteHat Jr have excelled in the field of programming and coding even at very early ages. We will be discussing two such individuals in the following section who have been an integral part of the WhiteHat Jr alumni as well.

  1. Vyom Bagrecha: Vyom Bagrecha is a nine-year-old kid. He has a normal life with love for video games, reading, and drawing. However, what separates him from the rest is his ability to perform coding and programming activities. Even at such a tender age he is skilled enough to gain recognition and has even created a very useful app which has benefitted many. He is currently working on an app related to parking solutions and has the desire to work with robotics in the future. He has also developed an app which acts more like a health tool. It can convert the glasses of water that he has had into liters which enables people to monitor how much water they drink in a day. Such work at this early age is indeed a remarkable achievement.
  2. Rishi Shiv P: This is another great talent in the field of coding and he is just five years old. With the help of what he managed to learn with WhiteHat Jr, he has been successful in making a game at this age. The Flappy Bird game as he calls it is about leading a bird to its destination through obstacles and he managed to create the same with his skills in coding. He has also created a throw ball game displaying great skills in his understanding of coding.

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These are only a few instances of many such individuals who received their training with WhiteHat Jr and is all set to be a future entrepreneur with the skills they have picked up. 

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