Enrolling in Coding courses for kids not just improves logical thinking, there’s more

Enrolling in Coding courses for kids not just improves logical thinking, there is a whole array of personality that's affected

Do you think coding courses for kids only improve their logical reasoning? Kids display improved creativity, empathy and concentration.

When we speak about empathy and emotional intelligence we usually take into consideration the interaction between two human beings. When it comes to coding and artificial intelligence we mostly think of it as a purely technical task which requires no emotional involvement or any kind of empathy. This approach, however, is not the right one and a skilful and successful coder would easily testify to the importance of empathetic coding. It helps an individual as an entrepreneur to focus on sustainable growth.

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Importance of Coding Courses for kids and the involvement of empathy

A piece of sound knowledge to coding and programming is key to being a successful entrepreneur. In a fast technologically advancing world coding and robotics are going to provide the bulk of jobs and also nurture entrepreneurship. So it is extremely important for an individual to master the art of coding through early lessons and the discipline is like a gateway to being a successful entrepreneur.

Among the important skills that must be present in someone who knows coding is the skill to be empathetic. As someone wisely pointed out with a hint of wit, “Coding must be done in such a manner that the person writing it must imagine the person who would later maintain the codes to be a psychotic killer who knows his address”. So the code must never be written in a manner that the next person tasked with maintenance of the code faces any difficulty. 

Empathetic Coding: The keys to remember

A successful entrepreneur is tech-savvy. When the process is done keeping in mind the future, it just leads to sustainable growth and helps in all types of entrepreneurship. It is a cyclical process. When coders in the future will receive a task which is easy for them to maintain, they will also keep it in mind while writing their codes. Thus it would be ensured that no individual has to go through a lot of trouble simply to figure out how to maintain an already created code.

The following steps will help in introducing empathy into coding and can be very useful.

  1. Automated tests: Among the many software practices that can lead to empathetic coding, automated tests can be a great option. It is the guarantee of long term safety and acts as a defence system against the bugs and regressions. A file with complete test coverage gives a new coder the freedom to introduce changes without the fear of it all getting wiped out.
  2. Consistent styling of the code: This helps others to understand the coding better and they can focus on the actual problem instead of trying to fathom the inconsistency of the coding.
  3. Choose descriptive variable names: A descriptive variable name gives the others the necessary context to figure out the code and saves valuable time.
  4. Leave necessary comments: At times even the most descriptive variable names may not be good enough to understand it completely. In such cases, it can be very helpful to leave a well-placed comment. This makes the ‘why’ behind the code easier to understand.
  5. Documentation: Lastly, complete and simple documentation may go a long way into helping others get to understand the code and it is another important step towards coding with empathy.

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Coding and automation teach an individual a lot in terms of innate qualities like self-belief, creativity, logical reasoning, etc. The perfect coder however also learns the appropriate usage of empathy which helps him to be a better entrepreneur.

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