Can you solve the hardest ever Sudoku?

Sudoku is one of the most exciting and popular forms of number puzzles in the world today. The game that is based on ancient number games has an appeal traverses various age groups and demographics. It originated in Switzerland, but the name itself is a combination of Japanese words. Sudoku gets a significant amount of praise around the world as something that helps the human brain. Research conducted on the game has also revealed that it can even help in combating dementia.  

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Children everywhere are also being introduced to this intriguing puzzle game by their parents, and for a good reason. Kids who are drawn to this game may have a higher chance of improving their reasoning and analytical skills. It can be an excellent addition to their curriculum and result in significant brain development at a very young age. Starting at easier puzzles and moving up to more complex ones is an excellent way to sharpen one’s Sudoku game skills. Solving these puzzles can be a great way to produce some healthy competition between young school-age children. 

The hardest Sudoku Puzzle ever created!

Sudoku enthusiasts can relish the challenge of attempting to solve a Sudoku puzzle considered the hardest ever. Created by Finnish mathematician Arto Inkala, it is a towering 11 on the scale of difficulty. Conventionally, Sudoku puzzles range from 1-5 on the difficulty scale, so this is quite near to impossible. While this puzzle is not unsolvable, solving it can very well be the most challenging Sudoku experience ever. If you are a novice player who has just found Sudoku online, it might make sense to stay away from this particular puzzle. 

Can you solve the hardest ever Sudoku puzzle? 

The answer depends solely on your skill level, analytical and reasoning skills. If an individual is a proficient Sudoku player for many years, targeting the hardest puzzle might be worth a shot. Children who are enrolled in computer programming and coding courses also have a better chance of eventually attempting to solve the hardest problem. It is worth a shot and solving such a problematic number puzzle can boost the confidence of your child.

It also cannot be stressed enough that children who undergo programming courses are more likely to attempt Inkala’s puzzle. This is because these are young individuals who are learning a lot more than their conventional curriculum enables them. Generally speaking, the minds of children, learning some form of coding or programming are quite sharper.

The difference is remarkable since children’s brains are at their creative best around age 6. This is entirely relevant to the idea of solving Sudoku puzzles; even the most difficult ones. Passionate Sudoku solvers who have failed to solve the puzzle but are intrigued to do so can rely on an online Sudoku solver tool for the same. Alternatively, you can keep developing your skills until you become a pure Sudoku genius.

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