5 reasons why Scratch is the best programming language for kids

5 reasons why Scratch is the best programming language for kids

A lot of parents are concerned if their 5-year-olds will understand programming? In this blog read about Scratch, one of the best programming language for kids. In a world where coding is bare essentials, the lessons often start very early for a child. There are several programming languages which are prevalent but not all of them are best suited for a kid’s usage. Scratch, however, is such a programming language which makes the learning process fun for the kids and is a great way to introduce them into the world of coding.

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So what makes Scratch, the best programming language for kids

Scratch is developed as a programming language for the children between the age group of 8-16 years. So it covers the important early stages of development and infuses interest in a child regarding the subject of coding. Scratch was developed by Mitch Resnick and has been patented by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).  The following are the reasons as to why Scratch is so successful as a coding language when it comes to introducing it to kids.

  • Kids do not have to type: It can be frustrating for young children to constantly go around typing while learning to code. The speciality of Scratch is that it has been created in a manner to do away with typing. The visual block interface helps in avoiding typing and thus the entire process is made a lot easier for the kids to use.
  • A very important benefit that can be acquired from Scratch is the boost to the creative thinking abilities and imaginations that it provides to a child. From creating animations to designing games or building an interactive story, the entire process has been simplified at Scratch. This allows the kids to learn following simple procedures and yet accomplish tasks which were previously not possible for them. Even for an absolute beginner, it is possible to create a game in a few minutes and this is enough to stir up the interests of a child in a coding course.
  • It is a massive online community: There are a large number of users around the world who prefer Scratch over the other programming languages. As many as 15 million users from all over the world make this one of the most popular coding languages. The MIT Scratch team has set up some respectful and friendly rules and anyone can be a member as long as they choose to abide by the same. 
  • A great thing about having a very large number of people come together to learn a programming language is that it provides a lot of scope for learning. For instance, the users have to store their codes and their projects on the Scratch server. This, in turn, enables those who are new to have a look at the great works done by the more experience and learned individuals. Scratch thus also provides with a great platform for learning. A complex game created by an experienced learner can be learnt by a newcomer and this generates interest and also provides with an easy means for learning. 
  • There is a step by step guide for a child which is seldom seen in a coding course. Following this guide, they can soon master the art of a programming language which is going to help them immensely for the future. 

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 WhiteHat Jr is a platform where coding is taught to the kids in the simplest of fashion. The intrinsic idea is similar to that of the programming language Scratch, to enable kids to learn faster and better. The WhiteHat Jr coding course is specially designed for kids and equipped with a great faculty and easy and simple methods of imparting coding lessons they are one of the best places to get your kids started in the field of programming and coding. 

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