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Advantages of coding at a small age

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Programming indeed increases your thinking capability and makes your brain sharper. It is important for kids as well because it enables them to think differently and makes them creative.

Before you know the importance of kids coding, you should know what exactly coding is. Coding refers to the process of the creation of the programming code of a computer. In more simplified words, coding refers to allot or assign a classification or code to something.

When kids get to know to code and start knowing about it, they become aware of how digital technology works. Kids coding is becoming very popular these days. Digital technology has become an important part of most of the kid’s lives. They are all occupied with smartphones, video entertainment, video games, websites, and even robots. The world is shifting towards technicalities. All these types of equipment are controlled by computer software programming. 

Learning other subjects like Social Science, Mathematics, Science is considered important, similarly, it is equally important for the kids to understand computer science that has become crucial these days. They should understand that the toys they play with are not magical, rather they are made using technology and the best part is that they can themselves create useful programs. 

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Kids coding enables them to get aware of the situation of the present world which is more technology-oriented. The benefits aren’t limited here, but there are many similar benefits related to coding that makes it mandatory to start kids coding at a very young age. 

What is the best age for kids to start coding?

It is claimed by many good programmers that they start learning to code merely at the age of 5 or 6. But the best and appropriate answer to this question is when your kid starts to show interest and feels excited about it, then it is the right time for them to learn and practice coding. It is similar to a gamer child who thinks that he can create his own game after a certain period. The kids should themselves get this feeling that they are ready to create programs that can help the coming generation.

It is said that childhood is the best age for leaning. A child can learn anything when he is young. They can learn programming, language, syntax, etc. Exposure at an early age will carve their thinking, and also develops computational thinking in them as their second nature. At the age of 7 or 8, most of the kids can develop critical and logical thinking that is needed for coding. However, it is said that kids coding at the age of 10 is good enough to create programs that have professional quality. 

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Advantages of coding for kids

  • Kids coding enables them to learn to use logic. Thinking logical is a must for coding. It has a consistent step by step process to get the desired result. It involves selection, conditional, iteration, expressions, and other logical statements and sentences.
  • Kids coding requires the art of computational thinking. Cognitive skills are developed in kids when they learn reading and writing. They also learn problem-solving ability and methodical process like the computer. This process incorporates using pattern recognition and abstraction to signify the problem differently. It allows the logical organisation, data analysis, recognizing and creating the required step, running the measures and analysing the results. Computational thinking proves to be useful for life in general as well.
  • Kids learn to avoid and anticipate the problems. They learn to handle the problem while learning programming and coding. They learn to anticipate the errors that may occur during the programming and also learn how to save the whole program from crashing. 
  • Problem-solving ability is enhanced in the children through programming. They learn how to break difficult problems into simple mechanisms. This ability of problem-solving in kids is beneficial for them for their life. They can tackle any situation in life if they know how to solve the problems with calmness. 
  • Kids coding makes them think structurally. It helps them to organise and structure their thoughts.

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  • They learn to create things. They also learn how things work. Coding teaches them to use the cause-effect method that makes things work out and they build up their creativity.
  • Kids coding helps them to learn algorithmic thinking. Here, kids learn the art of solving the problem with definite steps. Computational concepts like sequencing, repetition, conditional logic are all included in this. Algorithmic thinking helps the kids to break the problems into smaller parts and then solve them step by step.  
  • Coding brings maths in action. It shows them the practical application of maths and tells them its importance as the coding usually had mathematical expressions that need to be solved to create any programming.
  • It helps your child to discover the lifelong passion that can be useful for him to build a bright future for himself as well as society. Computer programming is expanding very rapidly these days. Therefore, the future of coding would be very bright in the coming years. Coding can help them to choose their profession. The kids develop a passion for coding at a certain age and this can enable them to set their goals in life.
  • Coding teaches perseverance to the kid. They learn to persevere if their creation is wrong. They analyse their work and learn out the mistake and problems in their work and then rectify them.
  • Kids learns creativity in an extremely fun way, they get to know how to create things that are useful for society and them. Creating things related to technology motivates them and helps them to become more imaginative and also improvises their thought processes. It brings confidence in them to face the challenges and solve them.
  • Coding helps the kids to learn the life skills that would benefit them in the future. While learning to code, the kids develop some of the additional life skills like communication, critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration.
  • For the children who are exceptionally good, creative as coders, coding can help them to earn a lot of money. There have been many popular stories of teenagers who have achieved greater heights by creating websites, games, software, and apps.

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It is very evident that kids coding has many benefits and learning to code at a young age is something that can make the kids learn more creativity and at the same time earn a lot of money. It enables the kids to think different and out of the box as well as make life easier and beautiful. The impact of learning to code not only reflects in their educational and professional fields, but it is strongly reflected in their daily life as well. 

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