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5 ways for non-tech parents to teach coding for their kids

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The digital world is growing very fast, so children of this era need to learn the ethical values of digital use. Kids are very smart in terms of technology and electronic gadgets. When it comes to handling technology children are very quick learners. Hence, parents play a vital role in teaching these skills and values to children.

Be it arts or science, mastering any new skill will require hard work, this applies for coding too. In recent years, it has been very popular for various reasons like cognitive development, acquiring real-world skills and acquiring new skills for the future job market. Not only can the tech savvy parents, but also the non-tech parents can support their child’s learning efforts by following a few tricks and methods.

This article will highlight the importance of learning to code and how non-tech savvy parents can help their children with these essential skills.

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1. Identify the learning process

It’s generally recommended for kids to start coding with the use of visual block programming because it’s quite logical. These languages are children-friendly and increase kid’s interest in coding concepts which includes methods and variables, and the basics of syntax.

Few languages simplify the work for the beginners, two of such famous visual programming languages are Scratch and Blockly which helps in minimizing the process of creating a new task. These two languages are said to be beginner’s language because of its easy to use the process and also kids will love to work with it in a short period of time.

One of the main advantages of these programs is the drag-and-drop technique. This perfectly helps to know the sequence of the process. Having the correct order of arranging coding blocks, the kids who start to learn to code, feel easy to learn and transfer it into real action.

These languages provide great creative thinking and improve experiential learning, which helps the kids to master certain skill. Scratch makes the kid develop their own stories and share those stories with others online. Blockly simplifies the learning process and provides them many interesting tasks and challenges to solve by arranging them in the correct order of blocks.

It’s not necessary that kids should begin with visual programming, and then move to text-based coding. If they are interested in any other language then they can go ahead with that. But visual programming is the best way to attract kids into coding as its easy for kids to loose interest in text based coding.

Each child is unique and has their own learning style. So leave them on their way and guide them. The general tips are to listen to what they say and what they ask for. Provide them the freedom to learn different languages so that they can explore what interests them more.

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 2. Utilize games for the learning experience

As a parent, you are in a position to think of your kid’s development, actually being a parent is not an easy job. Our previous generation had spent most of the time outdoor, but this generation, kids spend most of their time in front of the screen. They update themselves with the world very quickly which is surely normal at this generation.

You might be worried about your child if they spend a lot of time in front of screens playing games and fear it can negatively influence them. But do you know that short screen time can be healthy and productive when they use it for educational purposes. The use of digital media in education has become today’s trend and its great advantage is that students learn fast.

Parents should be open-minded to help their kids to grow healthy. Getting to know about coding for playing games is extremely essential for students. For example, we have Minecraft and Roblox, these two games which at present have hundreds of millions of users around the world. They encourage users to change the game elements while playing and they can also interact with other players online, or develop independent games, step by step.

Hence, parents should realize that games and technology are not bad for kids. Both are useful when it comes to the educational perspective, especially when teaching them how to code.

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 3. Let your kid pursue the career of their interest

When it comes to learning to code, the perspective of both kids and adults are different. When it comes to kids, they don’t think too far apart from getting acknowledgment from others for knowing how to code. The world today is much challenging and competitive, quality education is the only thing that can uplift the children’s career. They can love learning if we can provide them education in a more exciting way.

Every parent wishes to provide a secure future for their children because obtaining a secure future is very crucial. Some parents turn out to be tougher for this and pressure their kids to learn to code. However, this will inversely affect the kids and make them stay away from studies. Instead, you should allow them to explore and let them work on the projects they are interested in.

If you show some excitement and adventure to your kids they take you as their role model and get excited with what happens next. When the kid knows the power of coding and what they can make out of it, it makes the kid gets influenced to learn to code. They help in the improvement of the kid in various ways being the smartest kid suddenly becomes cool.

When they complete a small part of coding, they feel a sense of accomplishment, which motivates them to keep moving to the next level. Some parents do mistakes of being too pushy and putting more pressure on their kids to learn to code.

 4. Spend quality time with children

Coding is a technical skill, but there is a lot more than just being technical, children can enhance their creative and critical thinking. When kids learn to code they tend to enhance their cognitive skills and carry out different ways of solving problems. Positive attention is very critical for their future learning progress and self-image. If you are a non-tech parent, you can sit together with your kid during the learning process. This will motivate the children to explore more and you will also get a chance to learn a few things. Creating a bonding with kids will encourage them to share their learning with their parents. By offering positive attention you can amplify your kid’s efforts. Additionally, there are some additional benefits for children in learning coding:

  • Know the Effective method of communication when working with a team.
  • Nurture curiosity
  • Build a strong personality with healthy and creative activities
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5. Determine the right coding course for your kid

This digital era has so much to offer. Kids in this generation have wonderful resources to learn coding and other technical things like robotics in a simple manner. In coding, there are several options like game development, website design, and app development.

As a parent, you can help them to find an excellent coding course and can choose the right field which your kids are interested in. A few things should be considered before choosing a coding program, children learning style, financial position to invest in a coding program, professional experience of the educator and the type of support provided for the children. Considering these factors might help you assess the coding course you are seeking to enroll your kid.

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