How coding and solving puzzle games improves logic and aptitude

Want your kids to have genius level intelligence? Encourage them for solving puzzles, sudoku and learn coding and see their improvement in logic.

Coding and solving puzzle games improves logic and aptitude. As frivolous as it may sound, the word puzzle is actually something that can be used to describe life even. Somewhere in between solving simple puzzle games and solving the puzzles of career, family, and relationships, we grew up. 

Today, however, we will keep things simple and tell how you can easily create your own puzzle games for kids. It will include math puzzles, jigsaw puzzle, puzzle questions, word puzzle games, brain puzzle games, block puzzle games and many more.

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So, to create your own best-selling puzzle games there are very few easy to follow but very important to learn and understand steps that a person needs to keep in mind. These steps help in order to give birth to one of the best puzzles ever made. In the paragraphs that follow, we will enumerate to you, the most feasible way to make a puzzle. How to further make it the most bestselling puzzle game someone has ever had the opportunity to play or solve.

Without further ado, let us start with the three most essential steps:

  • Content of the puzzle: What is your puzzle about? Who is your target customer? Have you decided the logistics and contents of the puzzle? Based on the above have you decided the difficulty you are going to offer? And last but not least, are you going for clickbait puzzles? To answer them, first, ask to decide the content of the puzzle. Is it a simple puzzle that kids can solve, or the one that makes people who love puzzles scratch their heads?
    Does it only pertain to the people who can solve immensely difficult puzzles or also for those who might do it only for pass time? Is it about just about a husky targeting the people who love dogs? Or is it about Voldemort, pertaining to people who love Harry Potter?  Will it be a short and easy puzzle or a large and difficult one containing lots of pieces to it? Is it going to be a cryptic, mathematics or word puzzle? Or will it be a jigsaw puzzle? It is very important for us to first be entirely sure of everything and only then move into the market.
  • Packaging and Presentation: It is of utmost importance for us to decide and understand the sensitivity analysis related to our customers. A certain level of attractiveness is to be reached when the product is made. It should be based on who are we delivering our product to.
    A witty and humorous presentation will give the puzzle a big edge over the competitors. It will also help them create an image of the brand at the subconscious level. We need to understand that the packaging needs to be similar to the puzzle content and the object that the puzzle is about. Subsequently, having taken care of all of the above, we can finally move on to the last but not the least important thing about the puzzle.

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  • Marketing: We need to be able to create certain awareness both socially and off the internet to create a buzz going about the product. It is important for us to get feedback from our customers and post the best ones on social media platforms to get hold of more people. Social media websites and pages with lucrative ads can lure lots of people and give the puzzle a boost in its way to becoming the best seller. We need to keep thinking of other puzzles and be ready with it once we know what the public wants.
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