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10 Brain Development Games to Activate Thinking in Kids

kids brain development

Mind games are important for children as they focus on brain development. It enables your child to think a typical way to solve problems. Much like the physical activities which are important for physical development, the brain too needs something to keep it fit. Therefore, brain games help in enhancing brain development and focus on areas like problem-solving, analytical thinking, creativity, etc. 

With the help of these games, you would get to know about the thinking pattern of your child. Based on the results, you can work on their brain development. For example, if your child cries after loosing and could not accept his failure, you can analyse this and can help them to learn to lose with grace and dignity.

Therefore, the kids need to play mind games than getting involved in watching cartoons and more such activities which do not help. There are brain games that are challenging for children and helps in brain development, logic, and concentration. It also sharpens their memory.

So, here we are discussing 10 brain games that will help your kids develop skills and more importantly will help with their brain development

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10 Brain Games that activates thinking ability in children

  1. SUDOKU: The game of Sudoku is famous in all the age groups. People love getting involved in this game as it keeps them intrigued. It has grids with several numbers filled and some empty boxes to be filled. There are missing numbers ranging from 1 to 9. The trick is you can’t repeat the same number twice in one column and row. This teaches the kids to calculate and think 3 to 4 steps ahead and help them to plan things.

  2. PUZZLE:  The curiosity of your child would keep them attracted and engaged in the puzzle game. They are unsupervised games that can be managed by the kids on their own. It helps in brain development while working upon the spatial reasoning of the kids along with their hand and eye coordination.

  3. HIDE AND SEEK: This is one of the common games that have been played by all the kids in all the ages. This helps in improving the analytical skills in children. The game makes them analyze smaller things like sound, slightest activity, and more. The game needs a strategy directly and indirectly which further help in the kids’ brain development.

  4. BLUE BLOCK: This game generally comes in mobile phones that keeps the kids engrossed. The game aims to free or release the Blue Dragon by changing the position of the blocks and making the dragon reach the exit point. This game demands the kids to apply the logic that can make the dragon come out. It helps to acquire logic in kids.

  5. MEMORY: This is one of the best games that are recommended for children as this game is like a tool for better memorization for the kids. The main aim of this game lies in unfolding all the likely paired flashcards present on the grid. At the same time, at max, only 2 cars can be shown, after which the picture that is engraved on them is hidden. If the cards are similar then the picture side will be revealed permanently. This helps the child to remember the exact position of the cards to reveal them all. This increases the focus, attention, and concentration in kids.

  6. MUSICAL NUMBERS: Making the kids learn to write numbers could be difficult at times for the kids to acquire abstract concepts. This game gives visual aid along with the music that helps the children learn by making the learning process interesting and fun. At first, you need to set up a Lego block in ascending order somewhere in your kid’s room, maybe in the center of their room, two blocks along with the bedside table.

    You can do it till number 10, 15 or maybe 20 depending upon the learning capacity of the child and space. Then you need to set up your kid’s favorite music. You have to play the music loud and then let them dance and suddenly stop the music and shout a number. Ask your kid to bring the Lego block of that number. By repeating this process, they can easily learn the numbers which play a crucial role in brain development as well. Musical Numbers can be helpful for alphabets also.

  7. LUMOSITY:  The game of Lumosity has been designed very scientifically by the Neuro- physical researchers for brain development and to function optimally. It has around 60 tasks that are meant to check your kid’s flexibility, attention, memory reaction time, and problem-solving skills. The structure of the game is very smartly designed that is a fusion of science and arts in such a way that it gives fun-filled experience and helps kids to learn. It is a kind of brain work out game.

  8. WORD HUNT: This game involves pictures in flashcards that need to be checked with the given words that describe it. For example, the flashcard may have the picture of a donkey then the child needs to select the pictures that are related to the donkey. The flashcards could be of different categories like animals, birds, flowers, household things, etc. This is an ideal game for small kids that help them in teaching the names of different objects. This also increases the retention capacity of the kids.

  9.   TREASURE HUNT: This game has similarity to the game Word Hunt. The only thing that is unique in these two games is that the Treasure Hunt needs physical activity on the part of your child. Treasure Hunt can be best played in outdoor areas like garden, parks, playgrounds, etc. You give hints and clues to your kids to reach the treasure. The kids improve comprehension power through the game.

  10. MAZE: This is a simple game that can easily be found in mobile apps, activity books, and also in some parks. This is a simple game to play. The kids just need to find out the way to exit. Since the child needs to trace the path correctly, the coordination of hands and eyes is required. It helps in making coordination between them. If one of the approaches fails then the child goes for another and tries to find the possible path to exit. Thus, this game improves the problem-solving ability of the kids by working on their overall brain development and to make them think differently.

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Mind games will not only focus on the brain development of your kids, but it can revamp the problem-solving skills of kids. It helps your little ones to turn more creative and they will try as many ways to solve the problems as possible. Playing such games improves concentration and focus. You will get to see improved reasoning and observation skills in them. To improve these skills, you can get some activity boxes designed for your kids.  By trying the activities out of the box, they can become mature and sensible. It polishes their talent. Being a parent, it is your responsibility to help your kids in brain development and growth of their other skills. You can not force any game on them rather you need to understand their interest and accordingly let them choose the game. You need to develop their taste for new and experimental things that could provide adventure and entertainment to them.

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