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Smart Kids: How do they overcome distraction

smart kids

“My child is not concentrating in the class or not paying attention to the homework”, “My son often gets distracted and is not paying attention to single activity”. There are some common compliant with every parent. Children can easily get distracted, so lack of concentration is not a rare issue. Children’s concentration is short-lived which lasts for a few hours.

Parents need to face several challenges due to this issue. Things get worse when it comes to assignments or homework because learning activities require an active mind and concentration. 

In this article, you will get to know why most of the children lack concentration, we shall also present some tips, and tricks to help your children become smart kids.

Reasons for lack of concentration

Certainly, the lack of concentration is not a serious issue. Child development expert state that the average focus duration of smart kids is about 4 times their age. Adults can improve the concentration with some special exercise, but the same is not applicable for the children. Improving the concentration has to be dealt with different strategies.

Now, there is another question, why some children can focus several hours on TV or video games but not on homework? It is because when children listen to some familiar things or which interests them more they can bring the full focus and listen for several hours.

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 Likewise, when they are exposed to a new thing, they need to spend their energy to understand it, correlate things and retain it in memory. Hence, this leads to mental tiredness and result in distraction. When children are exposed to their favorite storybooks, TV shows or games they can listen to it for hours without distraction.

If we delve more on the reasons for lack of concentration there are 5 common factors:

  • Not Interesting
  • Struggling to cope with academic
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Distractions
  • Being overactive

How smart kids over come distraction

Encourage exercise and games that enhance concentration

Experts suggest that fun activities are the best way to learn new things. There are several games through which you can train your child to concentrate and strengthen their memory power. Some games like jigsaw puzzles, Crossword puzzles, and card games can improve the concentration power and attention, because these games require memory, thinking, and planning to become smart kids.

Studies show that gadgets like TV, mobile can reduce the attention and affect the child’s memory power. If you like to build your child’s memory power, limit their screen time and encourage them to play these types of concentration games. 

Follow a proper routine 

It is always better to follow a particular routine to complete their assignments or make them study. Child experts suggest that setting a proper routine and ensure to follow those schedules help them to focus better. Certainly, this will reflect on the child’s overall performance and development positively.

 Additional, following a particular routine help them to become well-rounded and turn out to be a smart kid and a focused individual in the future.

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Create a soothing environment

The first step to improve your child’s concentration level is to identify the best environment he/she prefers to study in. Because few children are ready to concentrate well in the soothing and calming environment but other children may not like it.

If your child is distracted due to the external factors like television, cell phones, iPads, etc, then it is better to take it away from them to avoid distractions. You may provide only the computer if it requires for their learning. Make available with everything they need at their hand reach so that your child does not get distracted by getting up for anything.

Naps boost concentration

Smart kids achieve good concentration power is by having a sound sleep. It is a proven fact that children get an improved concentration level after a good night rest. Even having a nap of twenty minutes after returning from school or in the afternoon is the best trick to increase concentration. All the other concentration interfering reasons like bathroom breaks, hunger pangs, etc. should be completed before the study time begins. 

Break down the big task 

Are you tired and worried about your big task to be completed on time? Then the perfect way to sort them out is by dividing the big task in to various smaller tasks with a definite deadline and small breaks. This makes your child enjoy the work, be more focused and complete the task on time.

Making your child study the entire chapter on a full stretch makes the child to be overloaded and tired. Instead, you can help them to complete the task by breaking down into pages and paragraphs. Breaking down the task makes the child confident in completing the full chapter on time. This is one of the best ways to encourage the child to move on to the next task. 

Bring some change in the diet 

Next important method in increasing the concentration is to have healthy food in your kid’s diet. You should be more cautious and careful about what your children are eating. But many don’t know that healthy nutrition has a lot to do with your child’s concentration levels.

Smart kids can focus more with nutritious food, so make sure that your child eats well and have healthy foods. Micronutrients such as zinc, selenium, copper, iron and vitamins A, C, D, E are known to be very important for cognitive functions.

Adding a healthy food list to the diet of your child with essential vitamins and micro nutrient will help to fill this nutritional gap and make your child even sharper.

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Leave Room for Entertainment

Making a child to study without even giving a break makes your child feeling bored and tired. You have to make sure that your child has good playtime for improved energy levels. Some sports like football increase the concentration level and make the child perform better. The physical activity makes them get a break from studies.

One of the best methods to get rid of stress and anxiety is sports, in turn, it also acts as deterrents to increase concentration, and encourage the smart kids to perform well in academics. Send your child to play for some time to get relief from stress which helps to bring a positive outlook. It also helps in boosting confidence and focus.

Understand your child’s learning method

There is no special learning method for smart kids. Every child follows a unique method to learn things. Some children can remember things quickly when they visualize it, some can understand the concept better when they hear it and some children can follow the concept when they gain practical knowledge, these methods are termed are visual learning, auditory, and kinesthetic in nature respectively. Kids with auditory nature can learn concepts quickly with practical application than reading loud or writing. 

It is very important to identify the category your kid falls. Learning in the method they understand can help them to process the information quickly and learn things in a better way. 

Encourage Visual learning

If your child can follow visual learning, then encourage them to write the information after reading them. Doodling also helps the children to recall their subject and so remembering the information becomes much easier.

 Through visual learning, a child can visualize things and the concentration level of the child will increase. The additional benefit of this method is to help the kid to enhance their motor skills. 

Choose the study time as per your child’s energy level

Not all the children can learn things in the same energy level at all times. Some children can learn things quickly in the morning while a few others can learn quickly during the evening. Picking the right time for studying or other activities will help the children to focus better on the subject.

Child experts suggest that starting the toughest task first in their high energy time and pass on the lighter activity as the energy level goes down will increase the concentration power. 

Give a pause before starting a new task

When the child is busy with other activities tell them their next activity and give them some time to stop the current task and start with the new one. When your child is busy with their favorite activity, asking them to start a new activity might distract them quickly.

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To get your kid to stay focused on their studies can indeed be a challenging task. But, once fortified with these tricks, getting the children to stay focused will be a cakewalk.

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