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10 Best Money Games for Kids To Teach Finance Skills

Money Games for Kids That Teach Finance Skills

In the current scenario, financial and money management skills are often overlooked in schools. Since money is one of the most important things in life, as it allows us to buy food, clothes, shelter, and luxury, it becomes crucial to train our young kids about money. Kids are known to be the best learner, as they catch concepts easily. Hence, it is best to teach them finance skills at an early age. The answer to how to do it lies in interesting money games for kids.

Just like coding for kids, money management and finance may seem boring to almost everyone. But it can be made fun too! Kids show a lot of interest when they learn by playing. That’s why to teach boring skills to young brains without losing interest is by letting them play games. These money games for kids are specially designed and curated to aid the knowledge and mind-growth of children in growing years.

Money games for kids offer a simple and interactive learning experience that educates them on the subject of money. These games are developed in such a way that as kids progress, the game gets more challenging. So don’t wait and just go grab the opportunity to educate your kid with these money games for kids:

App-based money games for kids:

#1 Monopoly: A classic money game for kids

Monopoly is an age-old, popular and classic game that teaches financial skills in a challenging. It is available as a board game as well as an app-based game. The main underlying theme of this game is the real-estate business. It teaches the basics of investing and money management. This game requires players to buy properties to increase assets and sell off those which aren’t needed.

This game develops a kid’s brain by guiding them to learn negotiation, investment, saving, banking, strategic thinking. The classic game is so popular that it is played by over a billion people worldwide. That’s really a giant fan base!

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#2 Green$treet: Story-based money game for kids

Green$treet is a role-playing game that teaches kids to learn money management while being a part of a story. In this game, kids are on a mission to save animals that are on the verge of extinction. For each endangered animal, a player has to initially decide a budget to help sustain the animals. The cost may include shelter, food, medication, and other needs.

Once the budget is complete, the animal is released to its natural habitat and the player achieves victory. This game laces up the kid’s attention in a storyline where he has to save and manage money to successfully save animals. 

#3 Capital City: A money game for kids that teach entrepreneurship too!

This game is developed to educate kids in terms of finance and business strategies to help them create something of their own. Capital City is designed in a way that unleashes the potential of a kid’s brain. The aim of this game is simple: buy properties to increase cash-inflow. As the game progresses, a player can buy more assets to generate revenue greater than the expenses.

Training a young mind to analytically think and apply business strategies will surely help them to generate wealth and grow business in the future. In addition to this, kids also learn to stay away from debt and start saving early in life.

#4 Catan: 

This game is as simple and effective as reading a book! It is a good game for teaching kids the subjects of resource management and trading. What makes this game different is that it suits both the beginner and expert to challenge each other and win. Catan is a straightforward yet interesting game with a balance of luck and strategy. You can start enjoying this game here.

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#5 The game of life: 

As the name suggests, this money game for kids includes everything there is in life about money. The main aim of this game that a player should go for is generating assets. These are generally accumulated by working or earning tokens with dollars amount on them. This money game for kids allows young minds to learn about the monetary challenges a person goes through. For instance, raising children, education fees, buying a home, working and finally retiring.

You can enjoy this game of life as it one of the most detailed of all money games for kids, here.

#6 Gozoa goes shopping:

The game developers recommend this money game for primary school kids. This game’s app introduces and teaches kids the basic properties of money and value. To add fun before calculation, this game introduces a dress-up game first. Here, kids need to dress Grozoa and her friends with a variety of colorful and beautiful dresses.

As kids have a lot of accessories and clothes to choose from, the money gets depleted quickly. Now as the game progresses, kids need to generate more money. Now the interesting part here is: a kid can earn money only when he does calculations correctly. The operations are as simple and basic as counting, subtraction, addition, multiplication, and range of numbers. Hence, in a more fun-filled yet informative way, a kid can quickly grasp basic ideas about money.

You can find the game here.

Board-based money games for kids:

#1 Cashflow 101: Best money game for kids on investing

Cashflow 101 teaches kids the fundamentals of investing and strategic thinking. This game is designed by the famous investor and motivational speaker, Robert Kiyosaki. The main challenge this game offers is the excess of cash that needs investing. Otherwise, it would sink in tax audits and lawsuits.

In this game, players get paid on passing the paycheck space and then they have to draw one of four cards depending on space they’ve landed. It is a great choice for kids who are intermediate learners in finance and money management.

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#2 The allowance game: 

If you are looking to teach and develop finance skills in your youngest kid, then this game is the best choice. It offers teachers and parents an easy way to inculcate an understanding of money management and earnings in their kids. In this game, a kid has to participate in a number of daily chores available around the board.

While participating and completing a task, a kid will earn “allowance” or payment for every chore they complete. In this way, they will learn how to earn and manage money by working. Although the game comes up to luck (based on a roll of dice), yet this money game for kids enables them to expand their thinking and refine their management skills.

#3 Exact change:

Exact change is like a brother of the card game UNO. The main goal of a player in this money game for kids is to get rid of all the cards. It is quite different from other board games but no less interesting. Your kid will surely learn different concepts of basic money transactions.

The primary rule of this game is to reduce the number of cards by matching and discarding. Cards that are discarded go face down and remain unknown to other players. A player can discard cards that have the same value, same color, or if they add up to the same value.

#4 Money bags: 

A colorful and simple money game for kids, Money bags is a sure-shot way to equip kids with skills like counting and dividing the money. This game engages the player in an enjoyable way to earn money by completing basic daily chores. As a result, a player will earn money after completion of the task.

If a player fails to complete the chore, then he must spin a wheel to know what coins he is unable to get. Now he has to work extra to earn the payment without using the coin just earned. While winding the kids in a fun-based game, this game also helps kids learn the crucial aspects of money-earning.

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