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Is Computer Coding For Kids A Fad Or An Essential New Literacy

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Coding for kids is a relatively new concept. It is the practice for young minds to come together and get innovative. It may seem like a foreign concept to some because of the complex nature of the activity. However, it is an achievable reality. The concept of coding has started to gather movement. Various workshops, camps, classes have started taking place.

On a very simple level, coding is how one communicates with a computer. It is the language of computers. The way we run our applications, programs, all depend on how we code. Learning how to code is like learning how to talk to a computer. Coding is how we teach our kids about the future. Looking at how our future is heading towards technology, schools must have this as a subject. Nowadays there is a huge demand for programmers. Learning how to code gives today’s kids an edge in the competitive world they will face in the future. It sharpens their minds and skills.

Programming is a technique through which the mind can exercise. It is a method by which the mind can constantly challenge itself. The mind sees coding as a complex adventure that requires a sharp presence to come up with solutions. Analytical skills come handy while practicing coding. Apart from securing the future, coding helps in developing a child’s mind. They are bound to benefit tremendously from this computer skill.

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Application Of Mind

Programming helps kids to solve problems. They begin to develop an appreciation for mind-ticking problems. They start to understand math, physics and the art and application of basic science. It helps them creatively apply their minds to come up with solutions. Adults must encourage kids to think in this manner. For this very reason, coding must be taught in school. By introducing this as a part of the curriculum, we are ensuring full participation for the same.

New Age Reality

Kids need to get a glimpse of this new age reality. This is our future and they need to be aware of the same. The application of the phones, laptops, and computers that they use is something that they should be aware of. Coding is the core of every technology we use. Hence, it is critical to know what it is really about. The ability to learn and understand such a complex system from an early age is necessary. When kids learn this at an early age, they can use this skill along the way.

Helps to Face Challenges

The ability to rise after falling is an important personality trait. When young learners begin programming, they understand this better than anyone else. They understand that failure is only a stepping stone. They realize that every solution they come up with may not be the correct solution. Some problems are more complex than others. Some problems require more effort and logical thinking than others. So if they don’t find the answer in the first or second try, it is okay. Trying is the key to success while positive attitude is another. They tend to learn from their mistakes and come up with better and newer results and techniques. It gives them the ability to try and try until they succeed.

Thinking Process

Learning how to code is more about the application of mind. It’s not just numbers and symbols. It’s an application of those numbers and symbols in the correct place. It is more about understanding how to think differently. A large part of a complex situation needs to be broken down and solved. Breaking the problems into smaller parts is an effective solution. This method is called decomposition. Children learn how to transfer a simple idea into a reality. Their senses are heightened and skills are sharpened. They train their minds to think and function in a certain manner.

This technique helps their minds to get more creative. It gives them the confidence to go and experiment. They get the chance to start something of their own and design something that is entirely theirs. Usually, they do not get the results immediately. They have to work hard and wait until they see the required result. Usually seeing results as and when is enough. Children learn how to code with confidence and take every opportunity to grow and learn.

Coding is Definitely Not A Fad But Reality

Coding is absolutely not a fad. It is the method by which one learns to communicate with a computer. This language allows the child to have a firm grip over his/her skills. Since children are exposed to multiple languages at an early age, this should also be one of them. Every letter has a different variable, it is a world of magic and adventure for the kids. This is the best way for children to understand technology. It strengthens the mind of a child to a large extent.

It’s not necessary that every child that learns coding at a young age will end up becoming programmers. For eg. Math is taught in every school right from the first grade, but are we all mathematicians? But that does not mean, learning math was useless, we have learnt a lot of skills with math that we use in our day to day lives. The same goes with coding, if taught at a young age, it helps kids in logical thinking, problem solving skills and many more which will be discussed below in details.

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Academic performance

Kids who learn to code at a very young age learn how to deal with situations. They know how to apply their minds and how to think logically. They are confident in their approach and they have a strong basic knowledge. This improves their academic performance drastically. They learn how to study without any help from an adult. They have organized thoughts and a better aptitude for studies. They have an increased level of thinking. They understand the curriculum well. They get used to exploring new ideas and coming up with better solutions. Their academic strengths will give them an advantage over others.

Problem Solvers

Learning the basics of coding in this digital era is of prime importance. By learning how to do programming, kids can understand the technology around them. With this knowledge, they become confident. They understand math, creativity and they learn to communicate with ease. Such problem-solving skills are bound to help them in the future.

When young learners learn how to program, they deal with problems every day. They learn to come up with solutions at every step. This is what their course structure entails. This is definitely a great life skill too.

Coding For Kids is an Essential Addition to the New Education System

The need to learn programming also comes from the need for a bright future. The future is technology-based. The demand for people with immense coding and programming knowledge is going to be higher than it is today. There is an urgent need for us to train the young minds of today as they are going to be the future generation. There is a shortage of CS majors already and there is going to be a soaring demand for them in the future. Their income will be extremely high, as compared to other professions. Keeping all this in mind, we need to realize that coding is the way of new literacy. It is essentially a method of securing the future for these young learners.

With programming, the way of viewing the world and technology in general changes. There is more knowledge, more information. Basic programming knowledge can change the way one views things around them. It can open your eyes to so many possibilities and opportunities. The way applications function, how video games runs, the way programs are handled. These are all things that a young child can be aware off if he/she takes an interest in coding.

Children can have fun while they code. Learning how to create new apps and websites is editing. Part of the adventure is the challenge of creating something new and unique. Interacting with fellow students and learning their techniques is interesting too. The right instruction is required and with that geniuses can be created in this field.

Programming is a way of making people’s life easier. Nowadays, programmers are developing new methods and new features to enhance the life of the users and in a way that makes life simpler. The digital solution is the answer to all our problems. Programming needs to get democratized. The way to do it is through the young kids. When we as a society, encourage and help the young kids to grow, they will grow. Anyone who has the experience to start a digital revolution on their own, young or old has achieved programming democracy. There will be no need to rely on anyone for any new ideas or to start something big.

Creativity is the difference between ordinary people and geniuses. We need more geniuses for this world. They can only be produced if we invest in them today. We need to invest time, money and knowledge in their talents, their minds.

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Programming is the new age literacy and not a fad. There is a need to help to come up with more strategies to lure kids to develop an aptitude for this. Initially, they might not find it interesting. But once, they get the hang of it, there will be no stopping. They will be able to see the magic of the technological world and they will be able to witness a technological revolution. For them to be a part of a technological revolution, they will first need to start somewhere. This is their starting point, the basic stepping stone. Through this medium, they’ll be able to see their full potential.

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