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Coding Games for Kids: Teach Coding The Easy Way

Coding for Kids

The first question that may pop up in your mind is: ‘Why should I consider coding games for kids to help my kid learn computer programming?’

The answer is that with the modern era evolving at a rapid pace, there is a growing demand for coding. In simple words, it is the language of the future. As we are moving towards a world of automation, almost every innovation is involving coding.

The latest trends show us that today a major percentage of jobs require coding as a primary skill. Our next-generation kids can easily equip computer skills and get comfortable with technology. Have you not seen a toddler using an iPhone?

So, it is no surprise why to teach coding to children while they are still young.

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Coding may appear hard if the approach is not right. Therefore, the way to teach coding to kids should highly focus on methodology. The best way is to learn while playing coding games for kids!

Here are the top coding games for kids designed to teach coding easily-


Blockly is an open-source software exclusively for kids with no prior programming knowledge.

As it requires reading instructions, it is perfect for kids of 8 years or older. It offers a very easy-to-understand interface and is a befitting game for beginners.

The game comprises a step-by-step procedure to create code. There are blocks that contain the lines of code and a kid just has to drag and drop, as easy as that. A great takeaway here is that kids can find out the output of their code instantly.

Blockly converts the code written with blocks to Lua, Python, Javascript, and XML. In this way, a young brain can quickly grasp problem-solving ability and learn how to apply logic. This coding game also offers an interactive methodology to develop the fundamentals of coding language. This is what makes blockly the easiest of all coding games for kids!

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Next on our list of coding games for kids is ‘scratch’. Scratch is a programming language that helps develop more advanced programming skills in a kid. There are a variety of things a kid can create using scratch.

This coding game offers functionality to create animations, games, and stories. Additionally, one can even share their creations with their friends on the game community. It does serve the purpose of teaching coding to kids between 8-16 years but is suited for kids of all ages.

The aim of this game is to unleash a kid’s creativity and club it with logic to produce an outstanding product. You don’t even need to worry about how to use scratch because there are various resources available on the website itself e.g video tutorials, PDF and guides.


Codemoji takes on a completely different approach to teach kids coding. It uses emoji as a way to write a program. For every syntax, there is a corresponding emoji specified for it.

Kids of today are familiar with emoji as they form an essential part of communication. This coding game offers an interactive platform where you can learn without ever feeling like studying.

Hence, codemoji effectively educates young minds with logic and problem-solving. These crucial skills are necessary for kids to get comfortable in coding HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Summing up in one line: this game makes coding as easy as chatting!

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Code combat is a great fit for kids possessing knowledge of coding fundamentals. It is a fun, interactive and game-based approach to inculcate programming concepts into a kid’s mind. This RPG  type coding game is the first choice for kids of 8 years or older who are already familiar with basic computer skills.

The game takes you to an interesting journey where you will learn and enjoy at the same time. There is an interface with appealing graphics and engaging RPG coding challenges. The difficulty of the levels gradually increases as kids progress. This gradual rise enables them to adapt several challenges and helps them solve even harder problems.


The objective of this coding game is to help a monkey in collecting all the bananas, crossing rivers and other obstacles. Sounds simple enough? It really is! The game provides a text-based editor where a kid can write code and see how it affects the output.

This game is suitable for absolute beginner kids as it proceeds bit by bit with increasing difficulty as they progress. Code monkey uses CoffeeScript, the syntax of which is written just like English but the code gets compiled into javascript.


Lightbot helps a kid learn two skills at the very same: puzzle solving and coding logic. Lightbot drives a kid to expand his logical capacity and problem-solving ability. In this game, they have to help a robot light-up all the blue tiles on a 3-dimensional grid.

The challenging part is that all this has to be done in just one run by giving your robot a series of instructions. Throughout the game, you will learn and apply loops, patterns, testing, and debugging. Lightbot is one of those coding games for kids that serves as a complete package for kids to develop their computer as well as analytical skills.

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Similar to other coding games for kids such as blockly and scratch, stencyl also offers a drag and drop interface. In this coding game, you can create your own game by building character and environment. 

This game also provides a function to create your own block by writing a new code yourself. You can then save it and share it, if you want, with other stencyl players. Your friends can also use your blocks to develop their own games.

This game is available for both mobile and desktop. The interesting part is that you can create it on one platform (e.g. desktop) and can use it on your mobile too!

CODE.ORG is a non-profit organization that started with an aim to educate kids about the essential aspects of coding all over the world. Its website showcases a wide range of engaging and interactive games. It doesn’t matter if you know how to code or not, provides a platform for all.

It is well suited for absolute beginners as well as intermediates. As a kid gains relevant skills, his level rises and gets more challenging. There is a wide range of coding lessons based on game segregated according to age and grade. There is a different set of lessons for each section. This way you not only get a much more personalized plan but also can review your progress. also manages HOUR OF CODE which organizes several online events based on coding. It also encourages students, irrespective of their ages, to participate in many exciting activities. This is done with an aim to teach coding in the most simplified and interesting way to kids all around the world.

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The list of coding games for kids, that included top fun-filled games to teach kids the various aspects of coding in an easy way, ends here. There are many more exciting games available on the internet. However, the main idea behind a coding game is to simplify the process by which a kid learns new things. And nothing can make a kid more curious than a game!

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