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11 Scientific Steps to make your kids smarter

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In this competitive world, as a parent, you are most worried about whether the child is intelligent to meet up with the world with confidence, and you are in a situation to do whatever your kid needs to develop intelligence. It is purely believed that stimulating kids at an early age will make remarkable changes in their mental capabilities. Thus, you should concentrate more on an early age for their intellectual development.

Yes! The most interesting fact about today’s technology is that digital technology has become more essential in our daily lives. Basic computer programming not only helps kids to be smart, but it is a basic need for growing kids for their intellectual growth.

However, once the kid gets started with coding, they come to know the real background of how digital technology work. This digital technology has a greater influence on many children’s’ lives, a lot of kids are surrounded by smart phones, video games, video entertainment, websites, and even robots. Just similar to learning about biology and chemistry, kids should understand that technology is not magic, it is just a matter of creating programs that can be created by each one and can be used. 

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Here are some tips which help you to raise your child Smarter.

1) Kids learn computational thinking

One of the main advantages for a kid to learn to read and write code is, they automatically enhance their cognitive skills and learn a problem-solving process that is similar to a computer. Computational thinking can also be related and used in other situations apart from coding, as it is the best way to solve practical problems.

2) Kids learn to use logic

When a kid grows older, one of the important skill required in this competitive world is to think logically. For kids who are exposed to coding at an early age, logical thinking comes automatically by following step by step procedures to develop the desired outcome. These include making use of expressions, conditional, selection, iteration and other logical statements and sentences.

Kids should develop problem-solving techniques from an early age to face the real world. When kids start to learn how to code, coding teaches them to break the complex problem into smaller components and solve them. This technique is not only useful for coding but it is also applicable to our real life. 

3) Kids discover how things work, and they create things that work on their own

Coding helps kids’ to learn how to build, using cause and effects to make things work in a better possible way and makes them adapt to the specific purpose.

Children may not have any colleagues or friends in their routine lifestyle or their close circle who’s interested in learning to code. In that case, children might need to branch out a bit. They can visit some technology museum or get enrolled in some after school program or training related to technology or coding. It is also a good opportunity for them to find people with similar interests. WhiteHat Jr.

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4) Kids should know to anticipate and avoid problems

Not only elders, but kids also should know how to handle the mistakes caused in their life. In coding, young kids experience how to “handle errors”, they will try to correct the code and prevent from program crash.

5) Kids learn structural thinking 

Kids should learn to build up all the small pieces together to generate a solution for a problem. Algorithmic thinking is the ability which one of the best thinking used by us in every step of our life. It clearly defines a procedure to solve a problem or solving a given task. This algorithmic thinking includes computational concepts like repetition, sequencing, and conditional logic. Kids make use these algorithms all the time, without even knowing the use of this, especially with math and science. The main advantage of Algorithmic thinking is it enables the kid to break down a complex big problem and think of solutions as a step-by-step procedure.

6) Kids learn perseverance

When something is not working what the kid has created they should analyze what has happened, why it is not working, and get to know the problem and then correct it until it works out. 

7) Kids make the exercises more creatively and in a fun way, and learn to create new stuff 

Kids always love to do things uniquely and get other’s appreciation. Kids love creating things related to what they love, which gives them natural motivation. Getting to know coding helps them to exercise their imaginations and enhance their resources. When a program works what a kid has developed, they feel they have achieved something big and boost their self-confidence.

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8) Coding shows math in action

Coding also helps in enhancing your math skill, it shows kids the practical application of math, and the importance of it. Math expressions are major statements in Coding statements that need to be solved for the program to be resolved. 

9) Make your child know his lifelong passion by teaching him coding

In the upcoming future, Computer programming will be the rapid growing and the most interesting profession, with the development of artificial intelligence, machine learning, data mining, and robotics. If a kid learns to code, he can discover his love and passion for it, it might change it to be his career. 

10) For creative coders, coding can make a lot of money

If you are very good at coding, then undoubtedly you can earn a lot of money with your exceptional code. We have a lot of success stories in this case like who used their imaginations to create software, apps, games, and websites that enable them to become rich at a very young age.

11) Encourage your kids to think outside the box

Once your kid is interested in something to allow him to discover with it. Encourage him to think creatively. Coding helps your kid to think out of the box. It makes your kid understand that they can create anything from nothing. 

We all know the famous saying of Bill Gates: “Learning to code a program stretches your mind and helps you think better way, creates a way of thinking about things that I think is helpful in all domains.”

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Experts state that children below 7 years are capable to do great things with technology and programming language. There are several camps, and programs, there are several other methods to teach the children this most-wanted skill. At WhiteHat Jr. kids get a personal live one on one session and are trained with the top 99.9th percentile teachers. Book a Free Trial Class for your kids now!!

Mastering programming language makes them ready for their higher education and future success in education and their career. While any method is possible, it is always better to keep the expectations realistic initially. Have your children start with some small instead.

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