WhiteHat Jr brings the world’s 1st AI and ML courses for Kids

WhiteHat Jr brings the world's 1st AI and ML courses for Kids

In this blog, you will read about the importance of coding courses for kids and the world’s 1st structured AI and ML courses for kids.

Are you a parent interested in introducing your child to the subject of artificial intelligence? While artificial intelligence or AI is considered as a domain that requires the ability of powerful brains, individuals do not necessarily be adults to learn it. Children too can learn the subject, create applications with it, and delve deeper into its different aspects. Machine learning, which is also a part of AI, can also be learnt at a very young age.

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India based online education website WhiteHat Jr offers a range of artificial intelligence course options designed for children. It focuses on using a systematic approach to help school-going children learn the fundamentals of AI programming, Python machine learning, and more. Children enrolled in well-structured AI courses like these can effectively grow their skills under the guidance of skilled faculty members. Children at Grade 7-9 levels can learn AI and machine learning and sharpen their skills.

The Very First AI and ML Courses for kids in the World

WhiteHat Jr is unique for being the first online education platform providing AI and machine learning course for school kids. It can make your kid an innovator. By taking the course, he or she can build useful apps, entertaining games and create other innovations using machine learning, Automation, and AI. 

Courses such as these unlock the full spectrum of creativity and vivid intelligence prowess that children possess. Your child can learn the absolute fundamentals of AI and gain a working knowledge of machine learning. 

Acquiring and exercising AI and machine learning knowledge can be crucial for your child in the next decade and beyond that. It is merely due to the inevitable growth of AI usage in almost all industry sectors. Your kid can start learning everything from scratch in programming. In about ten years, most job-ready candidates will need to possess these skill sets. This is where Whitehat Jr and its course offerings for kids can help. 

Growing AI Skills for the Future

Your child can become a leading innovator at a very young age, and pursue a world of interests in the domain of technology with such courses. Also, they will witness a marked improvement in their overall mathematical, reasoning and analytical skills. This will have a positive impact on his/her ability to excel in curriculum-based education. Leading companies like Automation Anywhere are already exhibiting just how impactful the growing prevalence of AI and Automation will become.

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With exciting AI and machine learning tutorial sets, Whitehat Jr can make your child a brighter individual right from the start. We put significant stress on catering effective computer programming and coding knowledge to the youngest minds. Apart from the Coursera machine learning programme, many prominent platforms today are offering courses on AI and ML. The world is waking up to the importance of these technical aspects, and your children should not fall behind. 

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