Things You Need Before Teaching Your Kids Python. An Introduction To AI And ML

Haven’t you seen your kids glued to the TV screen while the Terminator movie is playing? AI or artificial intelligence has always been a topic of interest without any age restriction or topographic disparities. However, our kids’ imagination of AI will be very much rooted in a killer robot. This is not a bad thing. As a parent intending to introduce his/her children to the world of coding, movies like Terminator and Iron Man will be of great help.

Our children should be free of the mere imaginative concepts of AI from the perspective of a film. They should be allowed to venture into the real aspects of AI and ML. Among several creativity-inspiring activities, coding has a significant role as a multipurpose activity enhancing different domains of a kid’s creative brain. To introduce the kids to coding the selection of a suitable coding language is important as it will become a deciding factor in their overall cohesiveness to the idea of coding.

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From among the many programming languages Python has proven to be a very child-friendly and innovative. An additional benefit of learning python is that it will lay a strong foundation for your child’s path to AI and ML development. But python itself is a vast programming language. There are multiple versions which are specially designed for users according to their uses and preferences.

So among the many versions which will be the best one for a child? Child psychology says that children assimilate knowledge easily when they are stimulated via visual learning methods. That said a visually appealing version of python is your best choice. Secondly, kids during their early development stages tend to be spatially unaware. So spatial stimulation will also prove helpful for their overall development.

Combining the two concepts mentioned above, we are clearly being pointed to the Turtle programming offered by python. The command-oriented programming language will help the children develop an overall idea about how coding works. Once they are familiarised with basic spatial relations and movements the next thing they would possibly find attractive in pattern development.

This will be a fun activity and alongside they will learn coding aspects of looping, if-else clause usage, conditions and much more. As they familiarise with the coding in general aspect, it is time to move on to serious programming modules. Teaching them to download modules online is vital during this period. Python comes with several packages that help them make leaps in places where they would be crawling otherwise.

The next coding domain best suited for them is small mathematical programs like calculators. However, stick to the visually interactive calculator than a command-line prompted calculator. Slowly your child will find himself/herself at ease with the entire concept of programming. Then enlighten them with good books on programming, not coding books but innovative idea sparkers. This will broaden their imaginative ability.

With that small push, you are opening to them the world of AI and ML. From there you should definitely take off the training wheels. Now it is time that they learn to get up by themselves when they fall. Adapt them to solve problems by themselves.

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This is a vital aspect for every aspiring AI and ML developer. As to impart the problem-solving ability to a computer program the programmer himself/herself must be a great problem solver and that too by one’s own efforts. WhiteHat Jr is a great choice to let your child taste the essentials of AI and ML development. They offer game development courses which are prepared by industry leaders.

Their courses come in different budgets and a parent can choose what he/she finds suitable for the child. If you cannot devise a solution, the mentors at WhiteHat Jr are more than prepared to find one for you.

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