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The Four Important Things A Parent Should Be Aware Of While Shaping Their Child For Coding Development

You heard coding is a great way to develop a lot of educational and life skills of your child. Being a very caring and considerate parent you immediately enrol your kid to the most expensive coding course available. This is a very usual procedure followed by many parents throughout the country. But most of us never get to know that a great portion of kids who enrol for such courses drop them soon enough.

What really is the factor that is causing this problem. It is the lack of preparation from the parents’ side. Before getting your kids the skills they need you to know a few tips that will increase their cohesion to the whole process.

  1. Making the learning an entertainment
    Kids today have attention spans shorter than 30 minutes. That implies whatever they are learning if it doesn’t interest them, they are definitely going to drop them or skip them. This results in loss of money but more importantly, your kid’s skill for coding development is hindered. How can such a technical subject be made interesting to young minds? Here you need to personally assess your child and his/her tastes regarding coding and development. For instance, if your child is interested in games, game development will surely be a great place to spark coding interest in them.
  2. One on one training – Local or Online
    There is no substitute for a personal trainer regardless of the subject. However, employing a personal trainer for teaching your child coding can be expensive. The next best shot which is practically economical and close to personal training is online coding courses. Since the classes are conducted remotely kids get the confidence to ask doubts without being worried about teasing from their peers. This virtually becomes a one on one training.
  3. A godfather for your kid’s coding
    Good mentoring will not only shape your kid’s coding career but also will make them more cohesive. This will once again help the first issue we had to deal with. Someone with coding knowledge who is readily available for solving their coding related queries will turn out to be a great time saver. But you might not be friends with a professional coder or programmer. Then how could you possibly find the coding “guru” for your child? The best answer for this is given on the bottom of this article so stay tuned.
  4. Visual block platforms or Text-based coding
    Most parents believe that visual block platforms serve to be a great way to help nurture their child’s coding skill development. But this is not exactly true. Such visual block platforms are engineered for coders who have to code extensively. They get to code less by using such platforms. But they already know the basics and troubleshooting is a piece of cake for them. However, your child won’t benefit from such platforms in the long run. If you don’t trust me, take the Khan academy for reference. They teach their students coding using text-based platforms.

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