Singapore PM shares code for Sudoku puzzle solver

The study of programming and coding is important for the young generation and kids who think in the forefront for their future career as it is another language that a child can learn and grow with for having a great hold on it as it improves aptitude and logic in the young mind. Kids are in the fast-growing period from age 6-14 years and developing in this age group is the most important, fast and strong, the values and teaching are done in this span stay for life and builds strength through passing years. Puzzle games are a great friend for any kid and teaching through brain puzzle games or world puzzle games is a great start for a kids training.

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The PM of Singapore Lee Hsien Loong back in 2015 realized the secret of Sudoku solver. He shared the code of Sudoku puzzle on how to solve it. He had realized it on facebook saying that he had written it in the then widely used language C++ programming, and he was praised by a lot of response on how good he knows to code. Singapore has a high amount of computing ownership and he stated that Singapore is always ahead in programming and technology. 

Study on how programming skills are essential for kids

Programming will help kids learn problem-solving skills. We all want our kids to develop the problem-solving skill to become the best solvers themselves as that helps in life in general. The learning of coding and programming will help them gauge the quality of appreciating on how things work, and how important maths puzzle games are. They will understand how math works in real life too and math will be more fun and creative for them to learn. Math and logic is the base of programming.

Programming is a challenge for kids for sure but it also helps them to gauge the skill of flexibility. You always fail before you will succeed and this is the skill that you child will learn that they should try again and again until the successfully create their code. Learning to not give when you fail and keep trying is a key skill that they will devolve which is essential in life grooming. Programming develops creative thinking in the child. When the create anything that is completely theirs they get the freedom of exploring their creativity. Be it learning a language or any other skill kids just need motivation and coding learning is easy for them to pick up which builds confidence in them. 

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In 2015 when Lee Hsien Loong when he shared his C++ Sudoku solver that was the last program he wrote. Coming from a programming background he provided the code out there in open by releasing it on facebook and then making it available on Google drive, twitter etc. When children do Sudoku puzzle games they will have these set of skills they need to learn and those skills will be developed from programming.

Final Word 
Every parent has the satisfaction when their kids are developing in the right direction not necessarily wanting to grow in the programming or coding industry but to grow basic values and skills for a better life. 

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