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How Programming for kids are related to improved creativity

How coding courses for kids is related with improved creativity

Programming for kids not only improves logic and brain activity but also creativity. It is a quality which is imparted in all human beings. It is a quality which is imparted in all human beings. But researchers have stated that over the course of time, most of us tend to unlearn the important quality called creativity. Sometimes individuals assign the lack of creativity to be a genetic trait. However, the real reason behind a less creative individual is that he/she did not nurture his/her creative qualities. Creativity can be of any form differing from individual to individual. This, however, does not mean that to nurture one’s creativity he/she need to keep working on his/her specific creative domains.

The primary reason why individuals in a pursuit to maintain and enhance their creative qualities should not be focusing on one or two skill set is that most of us have unnoticed creative skills lying dormant in ourselves. When it comes to adults sparking this long term inactive creativity can prove to be difficult. However, this isn’t the case with children. As their brain development records steady progress during the first eight years of growth, it is vital to ensure that whatever creative skills they have should be unlocked and nurtured.

Research has proven that three important factors play a decisive role in determining the creativity boost in every human being. They are:

  • The basic thirst to experiment on things
  • Thought process involving the whole brain thinking concept
  • The culmination of a desire to become a creator rather than a consumer

The above three factors have a varying effect on sparking creativity in children. This is dependent on their nature, underlying skills and overall receptiveness. Even though a multitude of activities are there to impart the above said three factors to a child’s growth phase, the easiest and effective way to do that is by letting the children to code programs of their own.

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How can programming courses for kids lead to experimentation?

Have you ever given your child a calculator to play with? Now, this seems to be a toy unlikely to be in the bucket list of any parent. Once you give this to a kid, he/she will start random operations on the calculator. And you will eventually be met with your child’s question about why the calculator is showing an error message when he/she tries to divide a number by zero. You have not told them to never divide a number by zero or it is not applicable.

Here the child has experimented himself/herself on the calculator’s capacity. Similarly, coding has a lot more domains to let children perform experiments. These experiments, however, comes with an added advantage of being able to provide interesting results.

Achieving The Creator Mindset Through Programming:

The accomplishment of a task rewarded with appreciation has been proven to be a great way to help the overall development of a child. Same is the case with creating something new. By creation, we never impose the condition of creating something new. It could very well be the creation of something which was already created, this time we call it recreation. Coding gives our children an opportunity to create such projects which can give them a mental satisfaction which in turn sparks the creative aspects of their brain.

Moving on to the very critical factor of using coding to enhance creativity, we should understand that not all coding can enhance creativity, not at least for children. Here we have to consider the earlier said fact that the three important factors have a varying effect on different age groups and as far as children are concerned, the whole brain thinking plays a crucial role. To focus on that particular factor in relation to coding, the best possible coding practice that kids can follow is game development

WhiteHat Jr is focusing on this aspect of development in children. With different levels of game development courses of increasing complexity, WhiteHat Jr’s courses serve to be the best answer when it comes to the question of which course will suit a child’s coding development. The courses at WhiteHat Jr are carefully laid out to meet the abilities of each student. With three custom price plans for every level of course, not only is WhiteHat Jr offering world-class education at an affordable price but also ensures that each student receives a customisable learning experience.

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Whole Brain Thinking and Coding:

Most of us may be aware of the two hemispheres of the human brain and how each one of them functions differently. However, an effective combination of both hemispheres can improve the overall creative abilities of a child. Speaking of this fact from a coding perspective, visually active coding practices like game development can help children in combining their left and right hemispheres and effectively enhancing their creative powers. Also, programming for kids makes them a better team player.

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