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Kids On Games-How About Making One Rather Than Playing One

Right after every exam, class test and academic activities our kids today rush to the gaming console or PC to release all those pent up stress. And as parents most of us must have made the promise of letting them play games once they have done their routine works, let it be academic or sports. This trend of increasing likelihood for video games, is it harmful to the intellectual development of your kids? This is a topic that we can save for a later discussion.

Gaming essentially interests kids because it is fun and recreational. However, have you tried inspiring young minds to make one rather than spend time playing one? I say this in the light of recent games being highly developer-oriented. Chart-topping games today have a huge developer community dedicated to continuously modding the game for a better experience.

Ask your kids and they’ll say how they downloaded extra content via web and installed it to their favourite games. This is a great opportunity to spark a creative interest in your kid’s mind. Kids have amazing levels of imaginative capacity. This will help you as a parent to help them grow their coding skills. Game development is the best thing that your game-loving kid can do when we speak of youngsters coding.

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But you might say that game development isn’t something that you want your kid to do. I totally agree with that notion, but to make your kids forego the joystick and embrace the keyboard for coding you need to think like a kid. If you insist on them all of a sudden be a coder or programmer they will be sceptical to your initiatives. If you tap into their interests such as gaming and game development things are likely to be happening in favour of you and your child’s future.

The significant question that you might ask me right now must be “my kid has zero knowledge on coding how is he/she going to develop games like that?” Fair enough, I agree that it seems a little stupid to put your kid in an F16 fighter’s seat before letting him/her use the flight simulator.

Here is where WhiteHat Jr comes into the picture. They offer industry-leading game development courses for creative young minds.

Based on assessing your kid’s current status of development abilities they will suggest a slot for your child. From each course starting from beginner to advanced they offer three different tiers. A basic package, a standard package and a premium package. Feel free to choose from the three that you find the most suitable for your child.

Once the program starts you will start to notice considerable changes in your child’s coding abilities. That is not all. As each level passes by your child will be attracted to coding in general. Then all you have to do is step in and guide your child to all sorts of coding ventures they find interesting. Coding increases your child’s overall abilities for problem-solving.

Get Your Free Trial Coding Class Now!

So grab this fantastic opportunity and secure your child’s future by letting them love what’s good for them. Prepare them for what lies ahead with simple coding and productive efforts.

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