3 Benefits of Artificial Intelligence courses for kids

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence courses

When kids enrol in Artificial intelligence courses or coding courses, it not just improves their algorithmic thinking but also increases concentration, creativity and logical thinking.

Careers in programming, machine learning and artificial intelligence are booming without a doubt, but are the benefits less visible? Can a career in web development and software keep you fit and healthy, specifically your brain? Besides methods of agile software development, collaborative projects and meet-up groups, that support social interactions—programming includes logical skills, creativity, and critical thinking.  

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Imagine teaching this to kids when their brains are malleable and open to learning. There is an immense amount of empirical data backing the benefits of coding on brain development. Artificial Intelligence courses for kids is a good way to introduce kids in the world of programming.

Studies on Computer Coding and the Brain

First, let’s take a look at our brains. Our middle frontal gyrus is for memory, attention, and language. The middle temporal gyrus is used for semantics, while the inferior parietal lobule and inferior frontal gyrus for memory. The inferior frontal gyrus is for memory and language, while the whole left hemisphere of the cerebral cortex is used for logic. So, it is not a surprise that scientists have been looking into an approach in the setting of computers and brain development for decades. In 1980, Seymour Papert, a mathematics professor from MIT, and the co-founder of LOGO, a programming language, wrote the book, Mindstorms: Children, Computers and Powerful Ideas.

He claimed programming offered children with unique opportunities for thinking and learning. A range of studies on programming confirms its benefits on cognition. Studies like the Effects of Computer Programming on Cognitive Outcomes and others conducted at MIT have shown that there are benefits of programming to brain development. Continuing empirical investigations will be necessary, obviously, but here is what we understand commonly about the brain. It is like a muscle, which suggests we require exercising it to maintain brain endurance, according to several research studies mentioned by the National Institutes of Health. For most programmers, the capability to explain complicated issues is the same as a brain workout.

Don’t we tell kids today that practising maths questions are an excellent mental exercise? Programming is something akin to mathematics, so imagine the benefits your children can exact from enrolling into any machine learning course. Errol King, the Director of Experience for the children’s programming app, Beta, explains that the logical skills for thinking he has obtained are moveable outside the world of tech: 

“The more I go into the code, the more I see the world from that perspective.”

Train Your Brain

The founder of Chicago Center for Cognitive Wellness and neuropsychologist, Dr Sherrie All, says, 

“We grow new brain cells throughout our entire lives and not at a very high rate, so you want to keep the ones you have.” 

One method to keep the cognitive prowess of the brain, functional is through learning new skills. Scientists from the University of Texas found out those activities you’ve never done that challenge you mentally can boost brain activity. When learning a new skill, like python machine learning, or other complicated activities, our brains develop new neural connections. Also, these connections are strengthened every time we practice.

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Even though there are still studies being conducted, the future of programming courses for children can have many benefits. A landmark study conducted by NASA identified that kids reach their highest potential in creativity at age 6. WhiteHat Jr’s Early Childhood Coding Curriculum balances the right and the left brain, divergent and convergent thinking to allow peak creative expression. Kids learn structure and logic to use tech tools and produce results like apps and animation.

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