Make your Kids 2030 Ready with AI and Robotics

Teach your kids AI and Robotics and make them future ready

Teach your kids AI and Robotics and make them future-ready. Recently, there is a lot of discussion about teaching AI and Robotics at the school level. In this blog let’s delve deeper to read its relevance and how it is the need of the hour and not just a hobby.

The progression of technology in the business world is reaching new heights with various groundbreaking innovations every year. As the global shift in how things are done continues, education too is breaking out from the conventional curricula of the past. By 2030 many jobs will revolve around artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and large-scale automation. Hence, now is the high time for introducing children to these intriguing subjects. With an understanding of these technology facets, your child will be equipped for better career prospects. 

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If your knowledge of AI and its components including machine learning is limited, it is understandable. These technologies are only now becoming more prevalent, albeit at an alarming pace. A decade from now, most candidates will need to possess a good amount of coding and technical knowledge.

Moreover, there is no quick fix method for taking machine learning tutorial classes during the crucial high school years. It is because children become already too burdened with their board examinations and college/university education. The age range of 6-14 is quite ideal for familiarising children with technology and nurturing their learning skills. 

Why Enroll your Child in an AI Learning Course

1. The most obvious reason is for securing their future, as millions of new jobs will be created in the domain of AI in the next decade. By the year 2030 aspirants with the requisite coding knowledge will be far ahead of their non-technical counterparts. This will be the case across most industry domains. Python machine learning is set to be one of the most in-demand areas. If you just take the example of a company like Automation Anywhere, you will see how they are aggressively developing AI systems capable of reducing human labour.

2. AI is a vast subject with several facets. If you do not know what is machine learning, you can be assured that it is one of the most important facets of AI. It is quite an intriguing subject that traverses the line between the human brain and machine capabilities. By getting into an artificial intelligence course your child can get a systematic education on all its subjects. 

3. Your child can go on to become a technology innovator by utilising the skills learnt at a young age. It is interesting that the learning and imaginative abilities of children are quite massive, and they depreciate greatly by the time they reach adulthood. An AI and machine learning course can help open up their imaginations. It can inspire them to come up with unique and interesting solutions, and even bring them global recognition.

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4. Artificial intelligence as a subject is gaining prominence across the globe. Numerous traditional schools and online educational portals are offering courses on AI. One example is the machine learning course offered by the highly reputed Stanford University. If you are interested in getting an idea about what is artificial intelligence, there are ample resources available online. 

Getting your child enrolled in a well-structured AI course can indeed be a smart decision. 

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