6 reasons why WhiteHat Jr can make your kids learn to code easily

The utility of technology in today’s world is unmistakable. So those who are comfortable with technological knowhow naturally have an advantage in the job markets. Especially for kids, it is all the more useful if they opt for an artificial intelligence course early in their lives. It helps them to remain a step ahead of others who started late and they end up being more comfortable and confident about coding.

A coding course can help the kids in multiple ways for their career ahead and irrespective of how old the child is, it is never too late to start a course on artificial intelligence and automation.

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Some easy ways for kids to master artificial intelligence:

The likes of Kodable, Etoys and Robomind are platforms where your child can get introduced to an artificial intelligence course. At WhiteHat Jr, however, the child will have a definite edge over the others with their unique style of teaching programming.

  • We make kids fall in love with automation. What is ideally supposed to be very complex and theoretical is simplified and made interesting for the children. Some parts of the curriculum, in fact, are in the form of fun games. In the course of playing these games, the kids can master the art of coding and automation.
  • The faculty is enriched with some of the best minds in the business. The other platforms that we spoke of will not be able to provide a child with the kind of quality training which he would receive at WhiteHat Jr.
  •  We have various levels specifically designed to suit kids of age 6-14. While a child can take part in an artificial intelligence course of a professional level, he also has the opportunity to be a part of a Beginner or intermediate or an advanced course. As a beginner, someone would be merely introduced to coding through learning commands and building puzzles.
  • At the intermediate level, the knowledge in automation would be more complicated with the introduction of algorithms and building of basic characters and apps.
  • When a child joins the advanced levels of this course then he is introduced with robotics alongside commercial designs and building of apps and animations.
  • Finally, at the professional level, the child will be capable enough to make his own applications and be a pro at artificial intelligence. There are in fact several instances where a student from WhiteHat Jr has made his or her own game and app. These applications are being used at platforms like the Playstore and even at an early age, the kids are getting recognition for their programming skills and talents.

Get Your Free Trial Coding Class Now!

WhiteHat Jr is all about empowering your child and automation is just the way to go about it. So if you happen to introduce your child into the world of artificial intelligence there is no better choice. 


There are several institutions that provide online coding classes for your child. From Khan Academy, Codeacademy, Coursera, Web Fundamentals to the likes of Code Avengers and GitHub, the choices for you are plenty.

However, what sets WhiteHat Jr apart from the rest is the ability to infuse the kids with enthusiasm regarding coding. WhiteHat Jr relentlessly works in improving the logical thinking in the children and in due course of them they fall in love with coding and work with creativity. This leads to so many instances of success from the students of WhiteHat Jr who make it big with their apps and games.

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