6 kids who are doing something that you can never imagine

Apart from being successful tech-entrepreneurs, what is the one thing that’s common between Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Elon Musk? They all started coding at a very young age. Before entrepreneurs, they were all passionate coders who only wanted to solve problems using technology. That being said, we might read more Indian names in the list in the future.
One doesn’t need to be superhuman to solve problems, you just need a laptop. Here is a group of Indian kids who had already taken the first step towards greatness.

Hirranyaa Rajani

She is just 7 years old, but her determination to solve complex problems is commendable. Her brother is wheelchair-bound with special needs, and her empathy to people with special needs led her to develop a Sign Language app for people with hearing disabilities.

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Safal Sawant

10-year-old Safal Sawant from Pune is passionate about technology and loves designing games and applications. Safal considers Dr APJ Abdul Kalam as his role model. He designed an app dedicated to our late president that can be downloaded from the play store. He aspires to be a game developer and design games like Road Redemption.

Vyom Bagrecha

‘Health is wealth’ – we are all familiar with the age-old adage. Vyom Bagrecha, from Mumbai, is one of the youngest entrepreneurs in India. Just 9 years old, Vyom had developed a health app which can measure the amount of water one consumed in a specific time, Body Mass Index (BMI) etc. 

Rishi Shiv

5-year-old Rishi Shiv, from Bengaluru, apart from being a gifted programmer, is also one of the youngest members of MENSA ( An association of high IQ individuals). Recently he talked about IoT, Big Data and AI in an event hosted by IBM. 

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Venkatraman Patnaik

7-years-old Venkatraman Patnaik from Balangir, Odisha created a Reward Management System app for kids to reward the desired behaviour. Winner of NCSS Challenge from the University of Sydney, Venkat is enthusiastic in space-tech.

Shrey Shah

Shrey Shah from Mumbai created Slackio, an app similar to the Slack, the communication tool used widely in the industry. Parents and students can connect with teachers and discuss concepts, subjects and stay updated with announcements. 

As Elon Musk says, “The first step is to establish that something is possible; then probability will occur”, these kids began with a small idea which bloomed into apps which are changing lives!

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