1. What is coding?
Ans: To communicate with other humans we need to know a language, similarly to communicate with computers there is a special set of instructions that is used. Coding is the medium through which we can give instructions to the computer to perform a task. In our course, kids learn the basics of coding and learn how to design games, apps and animations.

2. My kid is too young, will he/she be able to understand the topics?
Ans: WhiteHat Jr is a 1:1 Online platform and our courses are designed for kids of the age group 6-14. The classes are taken by Certified Early Childhood Coding experts who are trained specially to ensure that the kids understand the topics properly. We have divided the course as beginner, intermediate and advanced as per age group of the child. Child specifically builds their algorithmic thinking via the course helping them for the future. For details about the course curriculum please visit www.whitehatjr.com/curriculum

3. Why WhiteHat Jr?
Ans: We ensure that the learning experience for the kids is unparalleled and hence, the classes are conducted as live sessions. Different kids have a different pace of understanding and hence we believe in a 1:1 class. The curriculum is developed by IIT, Google and Discovery Alumni. Also, our students have built games and apps available on the PlayStore. Read more about it here.

4. Will coding help my kids to perform better in academics?
Ans: Coding improves kids’ concentration by 75%. There is a significant increase in logical and abstract thinking. Also since coding is directly related to mathematics, kids who learn to code are more confident in STEM subjects. Read more here.

5. What all topics are covered in the course?
Ans: Kids learn logic, sequence, structure, and algorithmic thinking. They learn the basics of Object-Oriented Programming (Javascript) and learn to design Games, Apps and animations.

6. What is the general opinion about the course?
Ans: Till now WhiteHat Jr has conducted 1 million classes and has 10,000 paid students. We have 1000+ 5-star reviews.

7. What are the minimum requirements to take the course?
Ans: The classes are conducted online over the internet. The minimum requirement to take the classes are:

  • Desktop/Laptop
  • Webcam (Most laptops have webcams)
  • High-Speed Internet connection

8. Do you have offline centres too?
Ans: As of now the classes are available online only.

9. What are the benefits of teaching coding to kids?
Ans: Kids develop a persistent way of thinking. Coding balances left and right brain, convergent and divergent thinking, to enable peak creative expression. Kids learn logic and structure to command tech tools and generate outcomes like games and apps. Coding teaches your kids to become creators versus consumers of technology.