Programming – An essential life skill

Coding is termed to be an essential life skill. Coding is not only for aspiring programmers or software developers it is important for every child to develop basic skills while they grow up and that is what learning programming helps with. It helps in enhancing your logical thinking. It also creates a platform for creativity and the ability to share ideas and develop them. Programming helps in developing flexibility in work life and personal life. The Swedish kids are set to learn the coding since they are in their primary school. Their government introduces that as a subject in the curriculum. 

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Sweden is a nation that leads in the tech industry. The government wants the kids to have the knowledge of coding and be industry ready at an early age which is a fantastic approach. This implementation in Sweden school happened in July 2018. These skills will also include spotting news from reliable and unreliable sources. The impact of fake news or update changes their perception of basic facts. A study states that six out of ten news that is available online are not from reliable sources. These skills improve entrepreneurship skills in your child. 

What is entrepreneurship and how does programming help in types of entrepreneurship

Entrepreneur means a person who sets up an organization or business by himself/herself. Programming and coding have their benefits if you want to become an entrepreneur. It helps you think as a developer, it does not let you feel left out when your business talks about programming when you will have knowledge of programming you can hire the best talent for your company, and last but not the least it sharpen your mind to be a great problem solver. 

If we compare India to other countries, the curriculum here is quite backward and need to be changed. India does not have programming as a subject for the kids, which usually tends to keep them not too skilled until they grow and learn it.  It is known to the world that India has a high literacy rate, so it has many educated people but does their education have a good impact on their jobs? Programming skills are very much needed for kids to develop and that is to be implemented in Indian curriculum. 

There are artificial intelligence courses available where you get to learn implementation of AI, which includes machine learning too. Machine learning courses teach the science of computers, data mining and statistical pattern recognition. The key point stays the programming skills are an essential skill for every growing kid for their growth and life in general not in specific of being a programmer or developer. 

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Final word 

The awareness of programming needs to be increased in Indian schools from a young age as to make sure that they grow as good as the west kids and their job scenario does not really have a bad impact as to have skills that are essential for life is something every child deserves. 

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