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The 10 Smartest Cities in India

Here at WhiteHat Jr, we recently completed a full one year since our very first student signed on with us. It gave us a moment to reflect on the tremendous growth and development we have seen in our students.

For us, it has never been about our own growth, but about the positive impact we are able to have on our students’ development, learning and growth. In the last year, as we’ve added nearly 7000 students to our curriculum, we’ve met some absolutely incredible kids. A couple of representative examples:

  • Venkatraman Patnaik – Age 7. Venkat resides in Balangir, Orissa, and is home-schooled by his father. One of our first, even now youngest students; Venkat recently published an app that leverages behavioral psychology, to make a habits and rewards system app.
  • Aditya Jha – Age 10. Aditya, residing in Mumbai, was already in the top 10 chess players for his age group in the state when he started his coding classes. His father continues to be amazed at the dramatic improvement in Aditya’s chess skills after starting coding and incorporating sequential thinking into chess. When the WhiteHat Jr team met Aditya at his home, he beat us 3 vs 1!
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As we’ve grown and met more brilliant kids, we started to ask ourselves the question – “Which city in India is the smartest?”

We looked at our data, found the Top 10 cities with the most WhiteHat Jr students, and once scaled for the population of each city, we have our Top 10 Smartest Cities in India.

Some highlights:

  • Bangalore, Greater Mumbai and Delhi NCR have the most WhiteHat Jr kids in absolute terms.
  • Pune actually has more kids than 2 metros, beating both Chennai and Kolkata.
  • After the 6 metros and Pune, Ahemedabad, Ghaziabad and Jaipur have the most WhiteHat Jr kids.
  • Scaled for population, Ghazaiabad is actually smarter than Delhi NCR!
  • Hyderabad is smarter than Mumbai!
  • Pune in incredibly smart, beating all the cities in the country, bar just one.
  • Bangalore is the city of the future, with both the most WhiteHat Jr students, and the smartest city scaled by Population.

Watch the video and see the full list below:

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