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Scratch Coding: What is it & How it Will Benefit Your Child?

scratch coding

When it comes down to discussing coding, chances are that people will get deflected. Dealing with computers and such tough algorithms isn’t the easiest thing to do, especially when kids are involved. If you have been thinking of teaching your kids about coding, it is time to finally make the changes. Scratch makes coding interesting for kids.

Coding for kids isn’t an alien term. The majority of the genius minds nowadays are well bound to the idea behind this. It helps churn better productivity and even helps bring forth changes in the growth and development of the kid like never before.

What is Coding for Kids?

Coding is universal. So, coding is a process through which we communicate with the computers and use the same to run and develop applications, apps, video games etc. 

This helps in building better understanding skills in children and propel their growth as well. It also improves their thinking skills too, so that helps fuel better development in the child. For the most part, much like any other form of learning, even this isn’t the easiest, so you should plan accordingly. 

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What is scratch coding?

Scratch programming is series of graphical programming language developed by MIT. Under this, it focuses on the drag and drop programming for kids to easily learn and implement. This helps the kids to easily learn and create comics, interactive stories and a lot more. 

The main reason why Scratch programming for kids is so widely used is because it uses colourful command codes instead of the traditional ones. This makes it a lot more fun for the kids to learn and interact with.

How coding comes handy for your kid?

Before any parent teaches their kid something, they would want to weigh out all the pros and cons involved. The same is the case with the coding as well.

To help you assess a better about Scratch language, we have sorted out some of the benefits.

Coding for kids is in high demand

Everything around us is computer-driven. That itself is enough of a reason to understand why involving your kids with coding is a necessity in todays world. Knowing the process of coding and the facts surrounding it ensures to provide the kids with a better boost to their career. Not just that, Scratch programming also ensures a very lucrative STEM career as well.

Statistics also suggest that the CS majors are likely to have an income 40% more than the traditional college graduates.

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Better Future Opportunities:

When it comes to having proper knowledge of scratch programming for kids, the same has been found to have better impacts in helping round with a higher chance at securing opportunities outside. Having the ability to code has been found to help with better chances as securing jobs, internships and even improve their prospects of college applications as well.

People look upon the kids with such amazing skills and the same can be the case with you as well.

Coding Gives kids a better understanding of the world:

As weird as it sounds, having proper knowledge of scratch programming has helped kids to have a better understanding of the world around them. If you are confused as to how the same is possible, it is because they have a basic understanding of the functionality of smartphones, laptops, and how the devices work.

Having a basic knowledge of scratch programming can also further help kids understand the prospects of coding even better and unravel things well in this. 

Coding is Fun and satisfying:

Yet another one of the reasons why scratch programming is a smart skill to adhere to is because it is quite fun and satisfying. Indeed, the same isn’t the case in the beginning at all, but with time, it gets tougher.

The better your kid gets a hang of it, the more they are going to love indulging in it and doing them from time to time.

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Coding Enhances creativity:

Yet another one of the benefits of scratch programming is the fact that it helps improve the creativity of the child. It lets them use their skills of thinking along with computer skills and bring them together for the best results henceforth.

With proper knowledge, they can easily envision things and make things happen that you didn’t think was possible otherwise. They are believed to be an amazing outlet for self-expression for the kids. 

Coding Enhances problem-solving skills in Kids:

Kids need to have a better grip on reality and the way they handle things. With so many possibilities around, it is important to focus on enhancing the kid’s problem-solving skills.

Scratch programming helps kids exactly with the same by enhancing the logical and the computational thinking which further helps with the better impact on one’s final exceptional skills.Enhances the skill of persistence

Another amazing aspect of scratch coding is that it helps in enhancing the persistence in a kid. What this means is the fact that you are more likely going to witness your kids face challenges and tackle them accordingly as well. Coding teaches the kids the value of persistence and why it is needed in the long run.

Coding Improves communication:

Last but not the least in the list of benefits of Scratch is the fact that coding helps in improving the overall communication skills in the child. With coding, the kids learn to communicate with the toughest beings, the computers and that is above anything else.

It is true that the process of learning isn’t easy and does take out quite a lot of time, money and effort but that doesn’t necessarily mean that anything around in this is as impossible as you think. With coding, the same changes for the better. 

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How to teach coding to kids?

When it comes to the process of teaching scratch coding to kids, it isn’t that easy as you might think.

You can’t just expect them to learn it out of nowhere. You must make the effort. Some of the easy ways to help your  kids learn coding include:

  • Be proactive with the process. Try and introduce it in small bits first and then see how the kids react. If they show interest, go forward.
  • Make sure to start with the basics of programming and everything surrounding it. This will further help build the overall foundation for the kid to work upon.
  • Start by showing the source codes for the actual programs and let them assess and understand the process by themselves.
  • Enroll them in coding camps that are held around every once in a while. Make sure that you check with the interest of the kid as well before doing so. Scratch coding can prove out to be a boon. All you need to do is ensure that you focus on the overall prospects of how you handle things and how well your kid engages with the coding process.
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