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Meet the Toy Caterpillar that Teaches Coding to Kids

toy caterpillar for coding

In the current academic space, it is helpful for kids to learn more than just basic skills reading, writing, and arithmetic. Coding is one such additional skill that is easy to learn and useful even in the future.

Learning coding is vital for kids. Coding helps weave academic with life skills. It helps them with problem-solving and quick thinking. It also provides them a competitive advantage over their peers, as they will have the upper hand with knowledge of the technical aspects. Coding also challenges the children’s minds while bringing out their creativity, ensuring that the kids have fun and learn at the same time. 

Coding has been made fun through the use of graphics, various websites, and now even toys. With kids learning to programme at the primary level of education, toys with coding capabilities are ruling the toy world,  Almost every new product on the market promises to teach children to be the best in programming while having fun at the same time.

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Like any other market trend, it is quite tough to establish an increase in the reach of the merchandise and to make sure that the merchandise lives up to the expectations of the people. it is vital to find toys that are genuinely fun and in addition helpful in teaching the kids, with the help of tasks that are not mind-boggling and off-putting or difficult to use.

There are many toys in the market such as Cozmo, Osmo coding toy genius kit, Ozobot Bit coding toy robot amongst others. For parents who hope to introduce their kids to programming concepts at a young age, a brand new toy from Fisher-Price has been released to do simply that.

The Think & Learn Code-a-Pillar uses completely different segments of its body to demonstrate coding basics, like sequencing and programming, to kids. Each piece is color-coded and marked with a distinct symbol. Grouping the parts in various sequences will cause the toy to maneuver in several ways, or perhaps move toward a particular marker. Instead of learning online or through a screen, the Code-a-Pillar offers kids a unique and active way to acquaint themselves with these ideas while having fun at the same time. The toy additionally pairs with a free companion app for iOS or android.

Parents looking at maximum utilisation of the toy might purchase three different growth packs, each of which will allow the caterpillar to perform extra actions, like turning 180 degrees or making completely different sounds and light patterns. 

It is never too early to learn coding, apparently. This smiley electronic caterpillar that is made for children above the age of three, breaks into nine different segments that can be organized in numerous sequences to make the insect move left, right or wiggle. Once they get comfortable with the toy, the users can place targets around the area and program a pattern for the toy to perform, so that the toy will reach it. The toy has additional lights and sounds that help attract the attention of the user, who in this case might be a preschool toddler.

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