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When I think about my school days, getting highest marks in the class and having a good job was the only dream for us and I am sure most of the people of my age agree with me. But have you ever wondered that the meaning of education have drastically changed in this new era. Education is not just the school syllabus but its beyond that. Nowadays parents wants their kids to be in every field like technology, sports, entertainment, etc.

Yes, when I am talking about technology, I could see that everything in today’s world is digitalised and our kids, who are the “little balls of curiosity” are showing a lot and lot of interest to know about everything they see.

For example, if they see aeroplane- they want to know how it is flying, if they see bus – they want to know how engine is moving, if they see car – they want to know how gear is changing, if you are using a vacuum cleaner – they want to know how it is cleaning, if they open fridge – they want to know how it is keeping things cool, if they see washing machine – they want to know how it is washing cloths and the list never ends…..

Why this list never ends because the curiosity in kids never ever ends. So, have we ever wondered about all these things like the kids do? To be frank, 90% of the time I never thought but I just utilized those. Let me even clear you one thing that, I always just looked at the benefit of the product rather than its components but, kids never stop wondering because they just don’t want to use it and become the consumers whereas, they want to build it and become the creators of it.

Yes, you heard it right. I am speaking about Consumers Vs Creators. As the name suggests, creators are the one who make that product and consumer is the one who just uses it.

It is very easy to be consumer but takes a lot of efforts to become creators. Well, to be very frank, becoming a creator is not the easiest one, it literally takes lot of your and kid’s dedication too.

As a parent, we always think about one thing before taking any decision either it would be related to family or the money, ie “Is it really necessary?”. But believe me, to conquer your kid’s future “It is really necessary to teach them technology and as you know the technology begins with coding”.

Yes, when you are expecting your children to become the creators then you should also encourage them to understand the technology because you might have seen how technology is changing the world and to understand it in a better way, it is very important for our kids to understand the coding side aspects.

Well, when kid is ready to invest his/her time and interest, the first step towards becoming a creator of technology starts and the first step in that is going to be entering into the “World of Coding”.  

Now, I think what might be running in your mind and if I am not wrong you might be thinking that;

  1. What are the pre-requisites for learning coding?
  2. What is the best age to start learning coding?
  3. How kid will learn coding?
  4. What would be the influence of coding in kid’s life?

Fine, let me answer your first doubt ie What are the pre-requisites for learning coding for kids. The only requirement in the initial stage for the kids time and eagerness to know the things around them and it surely drags them towards the technology very easily.

In fact, kids can start their coding journey at a tender age of 5 itself, when they started using gadgets like smart phones, tablets, etc. As and how the technology is becoming the part of everyone’s life, coding is also progressively gaining demand in the world with rapid speed. Now you might have a doubt that, “5” is the age for kids to play and enjoy life and yes, I absolutely agree with you. I am aware that children have very limited attention span and get distracted very easily. So, at this age, coding is taught to kids using games where which involves “brain exercise with fun” and I am sure kids love fun and their brain loves exercise so proportionally coding is making kids healthy. wow it’s amazing isn’t it!

How kid will learn coding: let me explain you this in detail. Coding will be taught differently depending on the age group of the childlike,

1.Age 5-7: This is the best age to start building the strong foundation for children to start coding as strong base can guarantee you the strong future. The children will learn something for life time. Coding helps children to become expressive and also starts to build confidence in them by giving them hands on experience which is very important element for strong and successful future.

2. Age 7-9: The age where children’s extra ordinary hidden talents get exposed and coding plays a very important role in nurturing those capabilities making the children to become independent creative thinkers and also coding helps them to draw a clear line between “creator vs consumers” which can tie a very strong fantasy of future.

3. Age 10-12:  The most demanding age group where children are always ready to experiment and also ready to take risk. Coding helps this age group by giving them the wings of creativity with which they can become confident enough to focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) and start adopting an organised life by adopting new life skills  

4. From age 12: The age where children have almost clear vision on “what to become in life “and already started their preparation for it. Kids know how to incorporate ideas into constructing something new by own. With coding at this age, children become confident and also start believing in themselves, which is very essential to have a strong future.

After knowing these all things, let me solve the other unanswered questions in your mind which is, what would be the influence of coding on kids?

1.Unlock the hidden talent : As coding takes our children through many stages of development process, it actually helps the children to unblock their hidden talent and it has been proven that coding helps to increase the concentration of children by 300% and thinking capacity by 75% which will surely bring out the hidden talent in them.

2.Best way to prove that our brain works: he he…..Children start thinking in as many as ways to solve any kind of given problem analytically and I am sure , you can’t even imagine the number of doubts they come across while solving the problem. But, when any sort of problem is kept Infront of them, they will be ready to break down that into the chunks and solve them in a proper manner without any hassle.

3.Together Everyone Achieve More: As and when children start their coding, they even learn to do work in teams of like-minded people to know the similarities in work and with dissimilar people to know the differences. Isn’t that sound cool…. Team work is very essential in life in fostering the creativity as it would build a miracle when every individual in the team contributes to the work. That’s why, the world is beautiful around us now. And also team work always sparkles the great ideas during discussion. When all like-minded people are working together obviously the coding becomes still more fun and everyone loves funny and happy environment. Am I right?

  • Discipline to reach your destiny: Coding cannot be made working properly until and unless you follow some strict discipline in that and when children learn that they even start implementing discipline into their life as well.

For example, if the kid know how to put all sort of emotions into their story, they even adopt how to put values to their real life characters as well.

  • Reach that Extra mile : Coding is fun and when everything is made to enjoy, children obviously take interest into it and put their extra efforts in reaching the target. And when they find success into it, the joy is just priceless and it also motivates them to take risks and move further as they are excelling themselves in reaching their destiny. Just wow………..and as a parent what can you expect more than this?.
  • I believe in me: Thinking that I have done mistake in my writing. No, coding actually helps children to make them believe in themselves as they enter into the world of coding, they go through lot of steps where they can actually relate them to the real world scenario and they can face any kind of challenges and ha remember kids love challenges now a days so don’t dare to challenge them….
  • The more you learn, the more you earn : Aaha……who says no to money and if you make coding as your passion, no force in the world can stop you from succeeding and money just follows as they both are friends and always stay together.

After reading all these, I am sure you must have found the answer for the question, is it really necessary to teach coding to children?

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