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9 Best Self-Assessment Questions For Encouraging A Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset

In this present era, children are more smart and energetic. Hence, it is our responsibility to prepare them to take up more challenges and keep moving despite setbacks. These abilities and character traits are termed as “Growth Mindset”.

The term “growth mindset” speaks a lot about the process of facing the challenges and the way of handling the failures. Also, this is an ability that can be developed over time.

Effective thinking can play a vital role in developing these abilities. Make your kid think ‘what’s next’ and encourage them to use terms like ‘I can’ rather than using ‘I am done’ and ‘ I can’t’. Certainly, enhancing thoughts in a kid’s mind is an ongoing process.

It’s not difficult to bring a transformation from a kid’s mindset to a growth mindset. It requires involvement, self-assessment, and some fun activities. Teach them how to learn from mistakes, how to analyze things from the past. There is a wide variety of methods to assist children to develop a growth mindset. This can be achieved through self-assessment questions which are a new approach to face challenges in different ways.

Why the growth mindset matters

●         improves the concentration and learning abilities of the kids.

●     A growth mindset is a vital process in preparing your children to face challenges and handle setbacks.

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Some self-assessment questions to develop a growth mindset

When it comes to self-assessment questions, it’s a known fact that the answer would be “Yes.” At times, we would come across with “No,” in such case we need to understand what is the reason behind and try to address those issues.

1. Did I put in my full effort?

If your answer is yes, it is well and good but if your answer is no, then you should concentrate more on the things which will help in accomplishing your goal.

Ultimately, a healthy mind and body are some of the key factors that impact’s your performance. Taking care of oneself is crucial to a well-functioning brain. This can be done through a healthy diet or daily exercise and a good night’s sleep.

2. Do I have my priority of standards to maintain?

If you have an answer as No, then you have to look for the reasons why.

●       If you think that you have a lack of vision, then you have to concentrate on setting up your goal. You have to know where you want to go. If you don’t have a target then you can’t achieve, so start to dream big.

●       If you think you lack in worthy examples, then search for good inspiration. Research on what similar works inspired you and what are the standards was created by them to achieve?

●       Make an effort to research which motivates you more, whether it might be the pain of effort or the pain of regret? Do you think if your payoff is huge, especially for your confidence? if you are proud of your efforts as opposed to putting forth little effort and feeling like you wasted a lot of time.

3. Have I Spent my valuable time to do quality works?

If you think it’s No, do you think it’s because you didn’t get enough time or you lack in your efficiency?

Most of the time students are expected to deliver some tasks in a given time limit. Hence, it is important to prioritize the task. When you compromise your time, then you have to compromise in the quality. If you need to do an important task then You’ll have to sacrifice other less important activities.

If you think you are efficient, then you can do great things in little time. It’s one of the great skills if you could use your time efficiently. It needs time to learn to practice how to use your time wisely. It’s all about how you are using your muscle memory, and how your brain is getting used to firing the right neurons.

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4. Have I used my distractions, procrastination, and temptations to complete my work?

To do this, you should prioritize, make a schedule to do a task in time. Manage your schedule for a certain number of days until you achieve a good balance.

If you are a skilled time manager then you can withstand the temptation so that you won’t get lost in their breaks and never come back. But not everyone is good at time managing. Hence, it is wise to plan your breaks and take them.

You have to ensure to take a break and don’t get lost in the time.

It is the best idea to take to decide on a time limit for yourself for clearing the brain which will help keep you focused on your target. Make use of apps like a timer to get focused on your task.

5. Have I used all the resources available?

If it’s No, think what’s available and research on it.

Resource are nothing but tools that are helped to assess your goals. This might be any information, apps, people, equipment, and so on. Start your research by knowing what are the resources available to you. You have any chance to miss any resources, which gives a great result. One of the best results ever is people, they can help you through the Internet, phone, or in person.

Do you think that you don’t know to use those resources or do you think using the available resources is too complicated?

There are many apps and tools available but need a deep learning curve. Sometimes, you may end up wasting time in learning those apps. Decide any tool before you are starting with it. Because if you are in the middle of the project then you have to think to outsource that part of the project or go back to good old pen and paper. But if you are about to start with a new project, then learn about the tool completely and use it for the next project.

6. Have is asked enough questions when I need help?

Do you have an answer as No? then think for the reason why is it because you think that your questions sound stupid? Or did you think your teaching is busy? Or are you thinking to do things on your own?

If you think your questions are stupid, then you can ask those questions in private instead of asking in Public.

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Don’t think teachers are the only resource available to answer your question, you have to go a long way to get the required information because it is good to avoid misunderstanding in the long run. Hence it is best to clarify things at the beginning.

It is a great disadvantage of having fear of collaboration. For this, you can seek inspiration from great people and see how they aligned themselves with the right people.

7. Have I made a self-assessment on my works to spot out errors?

Do you have an answer No? Think Why?

It is a common thing that you procrastinated and just wanted to turn it in. When you begin with your project, plan to finish it on time to spend time on the review process.

Do you think your repeated review process doesn’t give you any errors or do you think you are perfectionists?

For this, you have to start your process in a fresh state of mind. Or you can seek help from. Any one of your teammate, colleague, or supervisor for review and editing process. Don’t hesitate to seek help when you need it.

8. Do I research on the other practices available?

If No, think about Why?

Did you think there was nothing available?

It is the best idea to use the Internet for the search for bringing up examples.

Do you think it’s not good practice to copy?

There is a lot of difference between getting inspired by other’s work and copying things from other work. You can certainly look for the greatest works and strive for that kind of quality.

9. Am I proud to establish my work to a large, global audience?

Have an answer as No? Why?

Do you think it’s because there was a lack of time?

It is an old saying that the greatest success precedes failures. However most of us don’t wish to meet with failure but when we come across, we have to keep going and learn from it.

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