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17 Ways to Foster Creative Thinking in Your Child

how to foster creative thinking in kids

The kids these days are interested in knowing the mechanism and functioning of the things that they are surrounded by. They want to know how the train moves, how the electronic toys function, and how does the computer understand their command, etc. They try to question everything in their surroundings. They want to have practical knowledge of everything. 

If a kid’s approach towards things involves a lot of questions, then they can create things on their own. They see the world in a whole different way. There are many ways by which you can encourage the budding interest and intelligence in the young minds, some of them are discussed below.

 How to enable creative thinking in kids?

  • In the Congenial environment, creativity flourishes. Creative thinking needs to have a wider aspect. It does not require boundaries. It has to be acknowledged and shared in a wider range in a good social environment. We need to create social communities to promote creativity for solving problems. Kids also need such an environment to build creative thinking.
  • You can equip a children friendly science tool kit. Arrange it from hardware shops by purchasing inexpensive items like the hammer, nails, string, scissors, screwdrivers, tape, magnifying glass, pipe cleaner, rubber bands, magnets, etc. depending upon the age of the child. Pick up any thing that you think can combine and create new things and it will help the kid to think creatively. But you need to be a little cautious while the kids are playing with such real tools, for their safety.

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  • Your child can make things out of broken items like broken toys, clocks, flashlights, old telephones, mobile phones, cassettes, video games, etc. you just need to let your child access those useless items and ask them to create new things. In this way, you can check the level of creativity in your child. This enables brain exercise which is helpful for the kids. With these broken items, they can make yo-yo, etc. 
  • Maps are the best geographical tools for kids. They represent the whole world on a small piece of paper. They create an understanding of location in children in a better way. You can make it like a game that can be real fun for the children. On a large sheet of paper, you can ask your child to draw the map of your house, school, playground, neighborhood landmarks, etc. You can teach them the various symbols that are used in the map like water, hydrants, power lines, trees, etc. you can also teach them to use a compass and directions.   
  • You can teach your child to tie shoelaces and make knots of a tie in several ways. And later on, ask them to make it on their own. This will increase their retention skills and sharpen their memory. These brainstorming exercises can make their brain sharp and will teach them the coordination of hands and eyes.
  • Your child needs to know spatial races. To teach them this, you can try with balloons. You need to release the air out of two balloons simultaneously and race them in the air. This way, you can teach them various scientific terms like a gravitational pull, etc. 
  • Kids like to play and even design puzzle. You can help them with this. This makes them very creative and enables them to think out of the box. 

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  • To make your child creative, you need to provide the required resources that your kids want for creative expression. Kids need time to understand the structure of the items in their imagination. They shouldn’t be dependent on adults to make a new creation. They should understand the importance of every element and use them in the right place. This gives them a sense of organization. 
  • Providing the kids the accurate space can also make them creative. These days, a kid’s thinking is restricted in the limited space. For eg. kids are expected to keep their room walls clean but let this be very clear that if children are not allowed to explore, then they would become dumber, and can never produce creative ideas. Later, when the time passes, you cannot forcibly inject creativity into them. Always give kids the freedom to explore and create new things.
  • Being in a social environment can also induce creativity in kids. In general, the kids learn the lessons of life from their family but society also plays an important role in it. Being in a good social atmosphere can make the child think in an improvised manner. Also, this would make them able to communicate well which is also very important. Communicating is a master art of creativity and this is essential for all the kids to learn.  

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  • Kids have fresh blooming ideas in their minds all the time. You need to let them have the freedom to flourish in the way they want to. For instance, while having the meal, you can ask them about the activities that they did in the whole day and make them realize their mistakes if any. You can encourage their good ideas and motivate them to do creative things. A kid’s thinking has no boundaries so you shouldn’t let your kids go beyond the boundaries and think differently. Accept the mistakes that they make while making something new and motivate and support them in their every small ideas.
  • Allow the kids to follow their ideas and give them freedom and power so that they can experience life with open arms. Do not try to boss around them and restrain them from going out. As the outside world is the best teacher that triggers a kid’s mind and allows them to identify the hidden talents.
  • Reading in itself is a creative habit. So, the kids need to develop the habit of reading a variety of books. Reading books makes the imagination power of the mind and kid’s thinking capacity very strong.
  • To foster creativity among the children, you should allow them to have a divergent thought. They should not be expected to think stereo-typically always. Their different perspective should always be valued.
  • Never praise your kid’s thinking in extra for being creative. This can reduce their efficiency. You, of course, can motivate and encourage them for good work but that should not be excessively done, neither can you afford to be too harsh with them, as it can kill their creativity

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It is found by the researchers that the people who get more creative ideas or in other words who are more creative than the general lot use different parts of their brain as compared to the people in general. Every brain has a “spontaneous thinking network” and “controlled thinking network”. In common people, one of the networks is activated at one time however, in creative people, both the brain networks get activated at the same time simultaneously. So, from the above-mentioned tips, you can bring out the creativity in your kids thinking that makes them stand different in this competitive world. 

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